Jump start your Life.

Jump start your life. Quit dreaming and start living.  Let’s do it!  We can do it!

When do we start exercizing?  When do we start drinking more water?  When do we call our relatives an just visit for a half hour?  When do we clean the worst room in our house?  When do we stop an analyze our current spending?  When do we say, “I love and appreciate you…” to those putting up with us.

Changing our life for the better starts this moment.  If something on this list stands out more than another then it is what we need to focus on.

For me, revamping the current budget means I must look at all the bank monthly statements and the credit card bills.  Itemize.  What have we been spending on?  Why aren’t we saving?  What can we change?  I was able to cut our Dish cable bill $40.00 an still get the channels I love.  I will check on our phones an power, call the companies an see what they can do to lower our rates.

My Goal for this year is to “Get at it much quicker” and to be effective with a greater productivity.

This article is dedicated to my friend Elizabeth whom always encourages and supports me with my writing and Blog.  When you have a friend whom has faith in you, what else do you need?  Can we be more supportive to those in our life that want to start something new, like a new diet, exercize program, or clean up their life.  Can we exercize faith in someone whom wants to write, draw, paint or swim.  I know when someone has faith in me, it helps me to strive even harder, because, disappointing ourselves can be an easy habit to get into.  Yet, I do not want to disappoint another, I want to please an esteem.  Thank You Mrs. Byram, my friend.


Finishing a project can be so delightful. A short dress I added a bottom of a shirt to lengthen it. Gina at fatfitanfab.com



Lemon Zest Drizzle Cake

A Healthy cake you can enjoy eating an sharing.


Lemon Zest Cake with Lemon Zest Creme Drizzle by Gina at fatfitanfab.com

Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme Cakemix.

3 eggs as box cake suggests, substitute coconut oil for the vegtable oil.  I used 1/3 cup.  1 cup water as reccommended plus 2 tbl.

1/3 cup chia seeds, 1/3 cup dry raw coconut, 1/4 cup lemon zest an juice from lemon

Mix according to directions, bake according to directions on box.  I used two mini bundt cake pans an divided it.

Lemon Zest Drizzle:  2 tbl of butter, 2 tbl of lemon juice w / pinch of zest, mix confectioners sugar in until almost thick.  Drizzle on warm, not hot, cake, sprinkle loose confectioners sugar on cake, drizzle more creme on, sprinkle lightly again.  Enjoy.  Give one away.

My own recipe, Make at own risk as I am only an amateur with serious lemon cravings.

In my oven, 22 minutes at 365 degrees.  All ovens vary.  I did spray pans before dividing batter into them.

From Gina  fatfitanfab.com

Blogging! Why Me?

This assignment asks Why am I blogging, what is the interest or focus.  The reason I am blogging is I think life is interesting.  Despite challenges, there are ways to be emotionally fit to handle our troubles.  When life is falling apart, there are some things we can do to change our circumstances and live fabulously.  There are times we are helpless in our circumstances.  Men, women, teenagers, victums of abuse, everyone is capable of making a difference in their life and that of others.  My blog is devoted to the betterment of our personal lives with adjustments to the habits and routines we keep.



Cowl neck scarf I finished knitting which matches my $1.00 skirt an my cute shoes.  Gina  fatfitanfab.com

Plan! Plan! An replan.  Are we more distracted than previous generations?  Are we less productive than previous generations?  I would venture to say yes, although, it is a general conclusion not based on any statistics.  Are you as productive as you like?

Personally, I feel totally sidelimed by a lack of awareness of time.  Then one gets caught up with their cellphone looking at messages an emails etc.  Time is lost an nothing to show for it.

Previous generations had more responsibilities than we do now, yet we have seemingly more stress an less satisfaction.

Life’s circumstances in many ways provided a simplified life.  There were no Walmarts, Lowes, Hobby Lobby’s etc.  It is easy to be a hoarder with two many interests these days.  Money was saved, set aside, and used practically for the families needs.  Now, credit is a sometime blessing and a many-time curse.  There is always something to buy, and good deals are seductive.

Home-made jams, soaps, candles, or knitted scarfs, or something embroidered were typical gifts when the thought was valued more.  Now, it seems the amount of the gift is a requirement of concern.  Practical gifts of building blocks or a log cabin set were appreciated.  Sadly toddlers are quite tech savvy yet building an engineering skills are being forgotten.  Mechanics, engineers and architects may become rare skills in future generations.  

Plan it! Do it!, Do it!, List it!, Do it, register it!  We go through the phases and we feel exhausted, discouraged as we relist what we want to avoid, yet need to get done.  I have many of these cluttering my conscious an unconscious mind.  Forgetfulness is a consequence of ignoring as a habit.

The standard too do list could be an off shute of our weekly and monthly list.

The standard “To do” list can be recycled into our “Got Done!” List.  I feel so much better writing down what I achieved today.  Also recording my circumstances, like a project manager or contractor on a job site will put in the Log, a start time, how many men on the job, how many subcontractors with crew size an specifics, the weather conditions such as overcast, windy, and 52 degrees, etc.  Writing my circumstances, obligations for day, health challenges, and achievements makes me feel very satisfied.  It is less likely I will judge myself unfairly.

We know what all we have to do.  Just put 12 minutes into the next step of the project and see what happens.

Living fabulously includes simplifying our lives to achieve more focus.  Our Great-Grandparents may no longer be with us yet their examples can always be reconsidered as it’s principles enrich our lives.  I call that a real inheritance.

The Harvest in our Life.


Alabama Cotton Harvest  photographer, Gina Rydin

The Harvest in our Life.  A farmer knows when to plant his fields.  His routine and schedule must be diligently adhered to if he is to recieve the bounty that is anticipated.  A farmer cannot be happenstance regarding his goal.  The planning, is exacting.  A farmer whom procastinates is a poor destitute farmer.  A farmer whom waits for the perfect day, or perfect conditions is a farmer whom will not reap as others in his community.

How is the Harvest in our life?  Can we reflect a farmer’s attitude with our habits, routines, short and long term goals?