September, All is not at a Loss! Goalsetters, Get Ready!

September, the beginning of fall, where will it take thee’, where can I go…?

September is the fourth to the last month of the year. The ninth month of the year, we still have time. Time is still on our side, if we get busy now.

What goals did you have for 2022? We can still amp it up a bit and get good results. Take time to consider what you thought was important. Are those things still important? Here are a few to improve all aspects of life.

We still have four Fridays and Four Sundays. No, we really only have three Saturdays. Confounding really! This is Monday, September 5th, 2022.

We can put our time to good use. Here are twenty things we can do in September that will help make the next few months go smoother. Make life more enjoyable. We can improve family life and become more satisfied if we just try a few of these or all of them. I would love to hear if someone tries them all consistently til end of the year. Is anyone willing to try all twenty? Yea!!! We can do this!

1. Any outside special cleanup and repairs for our home, property And vehicles. You can make that punch list. Weatherizing before cooler weather. Mulching, glazing, window washing, pressure washing, minor repairs or major. Getting them done will just feel good. It is cool enough to paint the house or trip to improve overall look of the place.

2. Maintenance to lawnmower, bicycles, other equipment. Wash, pump up tires, check the belts, chains, and fluids.

3. Put a check mark on our calendar each day when we get a 20 min or better walk or workout done. A smiley face if you like.

4. Weigh once a week like Tuesday and put that number on your monthly calendar each week. A record to reflect on helps quarterly, or sooner if need be.

5. Plan a trip, a short close by one for a long weekend. Or visit local zoos and museums.

6. Plan a couple Fridays or Mondays off to get some big domestic projects done over a long weekend.

7. Consider a totally new hairstyle, a new refreshing look. Do we still look like we did ten years ago? Can we grow our hair longer or cut it shorter? Go to a stylist and get some professional input. Just nothing high maintenance please. If your hair is already high maintenance can we simplify things and stop doing something that makes it high maintenance? Keep it nice, just try something new.

8. Is there something you can tweak about your diet that could help you feel an look better? A small thing. Cut down on the soda, or increase the water. Have smaller meals and include at least one or two veggie salads per day.

9. A reading goal, read some poetry or even the Bible five minutes a day. Something refreshing each day.

10. Call family weekly, you know the family that you rarely talk to, and you never hear from them. Just call! Say hi! It has been a tough couple years for everyone. Sorry for my neglect., what is going on with you? How is everyone holding up? Then listen. Express care and concern.

11. Time to pull out a hobby or craft, how about finishing that one you started a few years ago. I like doing little quicker projects while I have a bigger project. Keeps it mixed up so I don’t get bored. I do get bored, jump around, get nothing done. You should see all my wonderful drafts of articles I have written and not published. Boo Haw! I will! I really will honor them and finish them.

12. A basketball, tennis ball, or football? Take your pick, they can do nothing without you. Oh, really has it been years…it is not the balls fault. Your not crawling yet. Get busy with it, get active.

13. New recipes please, the food has gotten boring. I will elaborate in a different article. Challenge: Use a real cookbook you own and find a couple recipes to enjoy making.

14. Clean the car, go get it detailed unless your good at detailing it yourself. I am not good at detailing let alone anything else other than keeping gas in the car sometimes. I do respect those w clean cars. Maybe my self respect will improve as I improve. Imagine that equivalent to self esteem. Good decisions, good actions, good results, good esteem.

15. Look at the body, yea, the one in the mirror. Take measurements quarterly and keep track of improvements and the need to improve. I lost 8 inches just w tiny little exercises since last September with no weightloss. Amazing! Don’t obsess! Just do toning exercises. Weightloss, another subject as I have a lot to lose. Always trying, never denying, and one will never lose. Made up by me just now. Some of us could afford to deny less or more.

16. Driving, how is your driving? Do you speed, do you get impatient? Do you get up close to the vehicle in front of you? Do you mess with your phone while driving? We know what we do, distracted driving and accidents are real. Aggressive driving is happening all around us, we do not have an excuse even if the other driver is inconsiderate and rude. We are responsible for what we do. Tickets, accidents, all cost money and time. Keep a good record and you will feel blessed.

17. Gifts anyone? Whom doesn’t like a gift? A gift is nice to give or recieve especially without expectation. A loved one we reside with, can we pick up something not expensive yet meaningful they may like? Or, the gift of time, have they been nagging we get something done that we just almost refuse to do, just do it with a smile and love to bless them and yourself. Don’t make them ask again. They will appreciate what you do even more! Can you arrange with them a long lunch and meet for a light lunch or a coffee? How much does eye contact and a smile cost? Can we try to stop a moment each day and look at each member while they are talking, really see them, really hear them and w a thoughtful response of positivity to validate their concerns or expressions.

18. Board games anyone? I am game, I really love playing cards or a board game w my favorite people. You know whom you are. No phones at table it is rude! Relax, have fun together.

19. It is still early enough in season if you like to go boating or camping or kyacking. It is fun! I do not do those things but my friends whom do are always happy they plan the time.

20. The final Big One! Mathew 5:3 say Happy is the one concerned w their spiritual needs. Include time to Pray to the most High at Psalms 83:18 about all these matters to improve your life in all ways. He really will help you. As you know principles are the backbone of structure. Nothing good can stand without it. As we learn his principles and apply them in daily life we will see the good results.

This is September, we have 17 weeks until the end of the years. Let us finish strong and achieving much so we can gain the esteem that comes with good results. Good results come from consistent efforts.

We can Do It! Finish Well, improve our health, wealth, family life, friendships, environment, spiritual health and esteem. Joy will come, satisfaction will be our gift.

Your Author, Gina Rydin from Fat fit an Fab . Com

Texting! False Emotions, text, are you keeping your emotions in check?

Texting, most people do it.  Have you seen people scream at their phone because of a text message they received that they  did not like.  How about the phone checker, every few moments they have to look at their phone just incase a text came within the last ten seconds.  People get depressed if they do not get the text they are expecting.  Checking the phone for text messages has became worse that when people checked their personal email at work.  People are consumed with all this narcissistic activity.

How about those dates you notice them, one is consumed with their phone and the other feels lonely or uncomfortable.  The excuses are only annoying and it makes the innocent party feel that maybe some of the texting is about them.  Do you think they will see you again after such rudeness.  Put the phone away after you turn it off.  Isn’t it nice to have the opportunity to interact with someone without the phone there to bother.  Be careful, the other party may get up and leave you the bill to pay for and without a ride.  Personally, I would get up and go to another table.

Can a person leave their phone in their locker at work?  Are jobs put in jeopardy if people are so involved with their phones they can no longer pay attention at work.

A watchman security guard is busy with his phone and has no idea whom is coming or going.  A young woman walks along to her vehicle unaware of whose aware of her.  She is in her car still fooling with her phone and does not notice the car that turned around to follow her.  People are no longer free to think, or their mind is so consumed with all these things, they cannot figure out life’s problems.

People get depressed if they do not hear from the great many likes.

My concern is when young ones social life is so dependent on this texting that they have relationships with people they barely know based on just texting.  I said  to my son, “How old is she?  What does she do for work?  What does she like to do?”  ‘ I do not know, I have not asked her yet.’  Their communication has become a habit.  A feel good thing based on nothing from no one.  A dependence is formed as the texts fly back and forth, they look forward to them.  They do not know anything about each other, but they sound like they are planning a future together.  This is happening all the time, and people are vulnerable.  Many quickly feel love.  I compare “Texting Love” to fools gold.  Something to think about.

The hold is stronger than most realize, you can reason with a person, and they may even tell you they will no longer do it, but days later you find they never stopped, it is like a drug and it makes them lie.  It is awful.

A couple weeks ago a young woman received a phone call from my son, and she informed him she would not text and she does not want any phone calls.  She feels those are not healthy means for building a concrete relationship.  I am impressed. He took it like he was shot down, instead of an opportunity  to know someone.

Do not be obsessed with our phones, be aware of your surroundings, it could protect you from a violent crime. Texting can be like a quiz show, you cannot see the other parties face and respond.   Text less, interact more.  Keep your emotions in tact, and they will never fail you.