Yes, I miss you.  I have not been saying much lately.  Soon I will come up with something brilliant an useful.

As I have been striving to recover from surgery while still on iv antiobotics, it seems one day goes to the next.  Each day going to the surgeon’s office for woundcare, an the four hours it takes in am to run the med, then at again in pm.  I am not doing alot of thinking, just crying.  The hives I am enduring due to an allergic reaction add to my discomfort.

What have you been busy with this spring?  Are you getting your exercize at least five times a week?  Are you considering container gardening or are you going to work up the yard the old fashioned way?  After doctor appt. We stopped at walmart an my friends took turns pushing me around in wheelchair.  I found a tomato plant with yellow blooms.  Now I will eagerly await my firstfruits.  Exciting.

Make time to consider your goals an get busy working your babysteps for greater accomplishment.  I feel I am only dreaming at this point.  Buying the plant gave me a sense of reality.

Do not forget me, an I am thinking of all of you.      From Gina

March, a month to Get Going.

The winter hibernation is over an it is nice to jump in an get going.

Personally it sounds like a bit of hype coming from me.  None of you, my friends an fans that enjoy my writing an encouragement to accomplish DESPITE, have heard from me in a while.

A small seemingly insignificant step into a depression in the ground became alot of torture treatments, an operation, a week stay in hospital, home health care, woundcare, an daily visits to the doctor so he can keep surgical site open.  The four hours in morning on iv antiobotics, an the four hours in the evening have me hostage an in great despair.

I would love to tell you how brave, strong an optimistic I am.  Instead, I am a sap, bawling each day, fearful of each days procedures, aggrevated because with pick line in rt arm, rhummatoid ulcer bigger than your hand on my left calf, an the surgical area on rt ankle.  I am not aloud to shower or get in a tub.  Washing out of sink like Grandma did 80 years ago.  So, whom wants to knit with iv in?  Unable to walk depending on knee walker, I cannot go out an garden at this point, no safe way in an out.

Does this sound like I am depressed?  Could I ever admit to being depressed?  I can only admit that chronic Illness steals your career, your esteem, obliberates your dreams, steals your energy, looks, an misrepresents you, lastly stripping you of dignity.  This is what decades of the violence of chronic illness has done to me.  Can we beat this monster?

Back to March, it is time to gather ourselves up for the March of life, we must march on with determination holding our head high.  If something is interphereing with your joy in living, what other measures can we take to get results?  Productivity an results, will add joy back into my life.

As I strive to heal, keeping a routine is vital.  I will get back to all of you soon.  If you know someone with chronic Illness, do not avoid them, offer to help with something, ask them what have they been doing lately.  It will encourage healthy conversation.