John Rydin Obituary

John in China with Gina.

John Norval Rydin was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1942. His father Carl Norval Rydin (Deceased) and mother Marcia Geraldine K Rydin (Deceased 2019) we’re blessed with John and later Jim (deceased), and Richard.
John’s father very mechanically minded and an engineer provided an intuitive atmosphere of a variety of interests that would affect John all his life. Marcia also interested in such a broad variety of subjects made sure to expose her children to learning while creating opportunities for them.

School did not interest John much, he was more interested in how things worked. He enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out how they ran.

John became a certified mechanic after his mother took him out of high school and into tech school. She saved her son in many ways.

John married Norma Jean and they had two daughters Pamela and Dianna. After a divorce John married Janet and she brought Rhonda, Pam, Carrie & Mike Wilkerson to the marriage. They had Joshua Sean Rydin together.

John was a mechanic and he worked on heavy equipment. John was proud to be part of the Local150 union in Joliet, Illinois. He made so many good friends working with them. Ryan and Bryant were two good companies he enjoyed working with.

John an Jan’s children grew, and they married and had children of their own. A very large family.
Jan died in 2002 and that was such a loss for John. John loved Jan so much. The many children and grandchildren.
In 2004 John and Gina were married bringing Blake, Brock and Brent Bishop to the union. John enjoyed having three young sons to go to tractor pulls and auto shows with. He taught them much and introduced them to different trades. Always encouraging the trades. Now as grown men all three can build anything they desire an two of the three, Blake and Brent Bishop have their own plumbing business as they each are master plumbers. They miss John so much feeling John was their father. A special relationship forged.
John decided to retire in Southern Alabama to assist his mother whom had health problems. Moving to Alabama was a real sacrifice for John an Gina. They were rewarded with many new friends and a nice life.

John enjoyed travel, even going to China with Gina togo see a friend get married. They loved cruises and hoped for future trips. They went on other trips with close friends. John had so many friends he was very happy.

John had strokes and a variety of other issues that affected his health. He was discouraged at times. It is just not right getting sickness, old age and death. Soon it will be no more Revelations 21:4.

John was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and he would want you to be one too. He loved it. Learning the truth about our creator Jehovah at Psalm 83:18.

John was a kind person And he will be remembered with fondness By all whom knew him. He always felt the need for family in his house. And he enjoyed the biggest family his worldwide brotherhood.

John’s Bible based hope that John 5:8,9 talked about the resurrection. Then Revelation 21:4 says death, sadness nor pain will be anymore. He believed he will be woken up after the earth is cleaned of any form of ruin or badness. Those wanting to serve Jehovah will live forever on earth under one kingdom. Daniel 2:44. Psalm 37:9-11,29. Please look at for more information.

John went to sleep in death on February 9, 2021 it will be temporary. When Jehovah and Jesus decide the time is right they will awake those from sleep recreating them in perfect youthfulness and health.

He will be missed by all whom knew him.

February is not just any February

It is not just another year, it is still the beginning of a year. The first quarter of a year. We have an opportunity to make some positive goals and plans. Is there anything you have been wanting to do to improve your life?

I am thinking of not just immediate things that must be taken care of, or long term goals and things we must do to achieve them or even short term goals. How about little not so important things you have always wanted to do but never get around to doing… .

This February I am trying to focus more on my immediate responsibilities, however … stop, let’s catch our breath a little.

What point am I taking my sweet time to get to?

For example let me see if you can guess:

I was doing a zoom ministry with a friend this morning. Her husband came home from work. He took the kids to the zoo, What?! During these Covid times???!!!. Yes, Hurray! The young mother was able to stay home for a little R&R. The husband got a break from work and was able to enjoy a happy time with his kids. The Zoo’s are still open and need support. This world is breaking an falling apart and here this little family made time for a sensible happy time. I am impressed!

This evening, I walked with a teenager to her home because I did not want her walking home at dusk alone. (I forgot to wear my ankle supporters! How painful. However visiting with a young person on a walk was healthful and enjoyable). As I neared my home a couple neighbors I had not previously met came out an visited with me on the street. They mentioned how they see me going for Occasional walks and how delighted they are that usually have a friend on the phone on the speaker and I am gabbing an laughing. She said that it makes them so happy to see. She told me she would like to walk with me gabbing and laughing. I said, “let’s do! It’s a sanity keeper.”

As I see I have some piles here and there…where do they come from? I have no one to blame. Having a busy mind and life with many interests you can only imagine. Mindfulness, something that has eluded me for half a century.
My husband has deteriorating health and I am trying to maintain some mental health during these trying times.
I find doing little activities like a game, Pick a Pile. That is the name of my game. It is helpful and the situation domestically is slowly improving. Put away, throw away. You cannot believe how much needs to be put away or thrown away.
One such little pile had a antique fold up chair with no seat or back. I have owned it most of my adult life and it has needed repair most of that. I decided that I need to do what I have been needing to do for a long time, if I have appreciation for the chair I need to just finish it. Now, while sitting with my husband I am doing some stapling an hot glueing in hope to have a sturdy sit worthy chair. As I am a good sum heAvier than my husband I had him sit on the chair to make sure the seat I put together would hold. It held him just fine. My seat may be too much for this little chair to bear so I am putting that on hold as I try to lighten up a good sum.
In conclusion I would just like to say, we have our lists of things we never get around to. Making just a little time for something refreshing is good for our state of mind and well being. This little list has rediculous unnessessary things that I have always on the back of my mind. There are scriptures that say Make sure of the more important things and I believe we should do that 95% of the time. However, the Bible also says we need to sing, dance and laugh that these things are important too.

If you would like a few suggestions:

  1. Go to a zoo on an day that it may not be busy. Be cautious. Your discretion.
  2. Take a walk
  3. Practice the piano or an old instrument that is gathering dust.
  4. A hobby you may have let go of, give yourself a couple afternoons a month to enjoy.
  5. Bible reading and prayer, Mathew 5:3 says Happy is the person conscious of their spiritual needs. This deserves a more important role in our routine.
  6. Getting some light exercize more regularly
  7. Making time for fresh air and sunshine improves our outlook.
  8. Take a break from the computer, phone and tv one night a week, what would a person really do without those? How did mankind live these thousands of years?!😂
  9. Making time to interact with our loved ones talking and listening with eye contact. Of course no phones. Light conversation with words of appreciation. Relationships with our mate, parents, children and siblings need and deserve the investment. ( A side note: people in loneliness go out looking for new relationships instead of taking care of those right there already needing and wanting them. Isn’t that interesting.).

It is my hope you are encouraged. Be blessed.
written by Gina Rydin