I apologize …

I apologize for all the updates to this last article of the Happiness Habits.  As I am having my surgery tomorrow, I am a bit nervous, and it seemed I was having some problems with my draft of the article I was revising and I had accidently posted it before I was done.     It is done and I hope you like it.  Happiness is a challenge for all, no matter our race, age, sex, or financial status no one is immune to the problems.  Time and unforeseen occurrence befall all.  That is why practicing some positive habits can enrich our life, and help us to have some strength to continue on.

Pleasurable endorphin releasing activities, natures natural anti depressant.

Is there an activity you like to do?  Do you enjoy golfing or bowling, or going to a museum or a show?  I am not suggesting that a person get into a committed every week situation with these activities, they take time an money to do.

It is important to take the time and money you set aside to go enjoy an activity.  About every three weeks I try to plan for an activity we can do as a family, or with just my husband or to go with a friend.  I love orchestras and I am hoping to go enjoy that. Planning a pleasurable activity  is very healthy for the mind.

Plan an hour or two to hang out at the library or book store.  A person can stroll through a garden center an plan a garden or just buy a few plants.

The library plans many activities for the public.  We have always enjoyed what they put together.  Some towns have Friday night movies at the park put on my the parks district, which has many other activities and classes available.

Of course there is always a massage or a pedicure. What a treat.

Then there is just getting at something that has been long put off. Just jump in an get something done. It is very important to replenish so you can come back twice as motivated.

It is really important to have something to do that is not stressful, but enjoyable.  This way a person is not practicing seclusion, but is interacting with the public.  A friendship might be initiated, loneliness may be forgotten as interest grows in activities.  Endorphins to the rescue when we practice the art of living, depression can release its grip on us.

Taking a Moment to… This is better than a greeting card ..

This is better than a popular brand of greeting cards.  This is not romance, and it is not to be saved for a holiday, it is real life now.

Stop, take a look at your nearest and dearest.  Are you too busy to smile?  Can you look in their eyes and listen while they are expressing themselves to you?  Can you give a hug and hold while expressing words of appreciation?

It might be an elderly person in your life, it could be your mate, or your sibling, or your child.  We have a responsibility to be emotionally affectionate.

More children and adults are made vulnerable just because they do not hear often enough, I love you.  I appreciate all you do.  You look so nice today.  Your so good at that.  I need you in my life.  Thank you.  People in our lives are emotionally starving and it shouldn’t be a card once a year that tells them how important they are to you.

With electronic devices, I see families in restaurants and everyone except one is fooling with their phones.  They look lonely and irritated.  Personally, I would move to another table and I would be less lonely eating alone.

It takes so much to earn a respectable wage and to carry all the responsibilities in our lives.  People are emotionally and physically spent.  Our loved ones can get neglected in the process.  We need not put it off, all need love, affection and approval.

There are some really exceptional people out there that already take the time and do this with their loved ones, and their loved ones feel very loved.

No, this is not a special occasion card.  No one knows how long they will live or how long another will live.  Time and unforeseen occurrence befall all.  Love expressed is a most cherished moment.

A New Habit

Habits an routines can change your life.   First it takes doing inventory of our worst habits. If we are habitually late, or we fritter our money away, or watch a lot of television instead of making the time for a walk, or we are night owls an get little sleep, or we isolate ourselves, or we are disorganized. So many “OR” s.   The one I am working on is personal organization. I have experienced the sad results of being a catastrophic mess. Why do I have piles everywhere? Why can’t I find anything? When people come over I feel I am seeing my home for the first time an it is a mess. 

Habits an routines can change your life.  Having admitted my shortcoming I then prayed to Jehovah to help me to be aware of my actions because I never understood where the messes came from.  After this I caught myself dropping my things on the table after moving what was there to the side. No wonder our table is always so piled up.

Now, when I have something in my hand I strive to put it away. It takes less then ten seconds an at most less then a minute to put things away. Although I still have clutter, I am no longer contributing to the mess. Slowly my enviroment is improving. The conclusion I have come to is that the best decor is an organized and clean one.

Fabulous living requires good habits and routines. Let me encourage you to analyze your life an see where you might  make a healthful change to your life.