Family Times! Good Times!

Daily writing prompt
Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

A positive thing family members have done for me is a two fold answer. Both are rather significant.

The first thing is my sons came to work on the bathroom to replace a shower. Seeing them work is always exciting as knowing they can accomplish anything. Something I sought to teach them when they were young.

The second thing is hanging out with my sons is always fun. We have a great time, they always have opinions about ‘you should do this or you should do that,’. I learn a lot from them. They are very intelligent so it is very fun. They are always surprised to see my own ideas. I really like considering their ideas. Spending time with them talking about a variety of subjects is always exciting. I love all my children, so special a privilege to raise children. Now my oldest is about 32, then 30 and almost 28. How wonderful! Be kind, considerate and consistent in treatment of your family because years later your relationship may be affected.
Written By: Gina Rydin of


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