Start One or Finish One.

This is the question when desiring to start a new project.   Some people are great at being productive. They tend to be neater and more organized. That is just my personal observation of my other creative buddies whom seem to complete an enjoy their project.  They seem to have the ability to focus on the anticipated outcome, and they keep working.

Then there are others like me whom get so enthusiastic about a project. I get so excited an can think of nothing else. In my mind I analyze all aspects of a project. It takes time an money.   Later when working on the project which may be 75% or greater completed, I hit a snag or difficulty then it gets set aside with the optimism that I will get back to it.   It becomes a part of my project graveyard.  What I have not said is that my mind has been excited about a new project planning out all the details.  It continues on until a new snag then a new project. ..a very unsatisfying cycle.

Solution I have been employing.  First I realize I may never be able to fuction at the productive level as some of my friends. Secondly I know myself I have to strike while the iron is hot before the enthusiasm wanes.   Learning a bit about the reasons behind my habits or lack thereof, I am using the first week of a month an the last week of the month which gives me two weeks to pull out a few near done projects and to complete them one at a time. Seeing a few things done, a new enthusium sets in, What was I waiting for? That was a great item to make. Now I am enjoying the satisfaction of success and clearing away a little more from that project graveyard.

I make a master list of all the steps of my project an if I come up with a new project I will go ahead an make a few notes on the new project so when I am finished with current project I can know I have not lost any important creative details I dreamed up.  The boredom I have while in the middle of a project is very strange to me, part of me is elated by seeing that my idea worked an I am content even without finished product, yet, I am not capable physically of going as fast as I would like to go. What only took an afternoon years ago, now takes me little bits of time over a few weeks.   However, I am delighted with the final product.  Today I am sewing on five buttons to a charming collared blouse I made for a skirt I made last fall.  The outfit is made from scarfs I purchased, a beautiful lightweight cotton voile. If I am well on Sunday, I will wear my new outfit to the meeting.

Treasuring the blessings of commitment, I will no longer let myself give up so easily just because of occosionally running into a little difficulty.

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