Yes, I miss you.  I have not been saying much lately.  Soon I will come up with something brilliant an useful.

As I have been striving to recover from surgery while still on iv antiobotics, it seems one day goes to the next.  Each day going to the surgeon’s office for woundcare, an the four hours it takes in am to run the med, then at again in pm.  I am not doing alot of thinking, just crying.  The hives I am enduring due to an allergic reaction add to my discomfort.

What have you been busy with this spring?  Are you getting your exercize at least five times a week?  Are you considering container gardening or are you going to work up the yard the old fashioned way?  After doctor appt. We stopped at walmart an my friends took turns pushing me around in wheelchair.  I found a tomato plant with yellow blooms.  Now I will eagerly await my firstfruits.  Exciting.

Make time to consider your goals an get busy working your babysteps for greater accomplishment.  I feel I am only dreaming at this point.  Buying the plant gave me a sense of reality.

Do not forget me, an I am thinking of all of you.      From Gina

2 thoughts on “I MISS YOU!

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