Support your schools by sharing your goods.

Box tops, candy sales, and many other campaigns do help the school system.  There is another way.  Share what you have, time or material things.

If you have some time you can donate it at the local school volunteering.  You can assist on field trips, or if you have a special skill you can volunteer.  The home ec department usually appreciates assistants to help whether it is teaching young ones to sew or cook.  With budget cuts, assistants can make a big difference.  It is a real joy being with the young and they appreciate the help and interest too.

If you have a junk room or a basement with some goods, check with the school because some of the schools hold an annual yard sale with your donated goods.  If you want to donate tools for the shop class it can help the students that do not have the funds to go purchase tools.  Parents that have full time jobs are usually short on time and money.  So, if fabric, yarn, needles, and other crafting supplies, and even sewing machines are donated for the students benefit, it can help everyone.   One time I received a large box of fabric and several boxes of yarn from an auction my brother in law attended, for $35.00 or so.  I picked what I wanted, shared some with friends, and gave the rest to the high school.  I called first and the home ec teacher said they would appreciate it.  They were excited to receive these things.  I have much more for them.  Always call the school first and talk directly to the teacher.

While dejunking keep the shelters in mind too, some leave shelters and go into a new apartment or home and all they have is the back pack they went into the shelter with.  It might take a few phone calls, but there are agencies that depend on the kindness of others to help a family get started up.  There are free sections in craigslist and some newspapers, where you can offer your free goods for pick-up

Some counties have a woman to work program.  Where woman donate their nice business clothes and women with unfortunate circumstances are given a hand-up by being outfitted with respectable attire so as to do well on their first interview.  A program such as this helped me when I was in a desperate situation when I was young with children, they even helped me with proper interviewing skills.  I got the job, they let me keep the clothes and gave me a couple outfits so I could keep a good impression my first couple weeks at the job.  By letting others benefit from our nice clothes we can no longer use, it empties our closets and supports the community.

Supporting our schools and community doesn’t always require money from the wallet.  We all have valuable assets we can offer.  Time and material is valuable too.  We are helped too, it empties our home of things others can benefit from.

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