Internal Hygiene, how clean can we be?

Internal cleanliness or lack of, can affect how we look, it can affect how we feel, and it affects how we smell.

External hygiene, showers, brushing teeth, flossing, are all important for our overall appearance.  Yet, there is so much more to think about then how we look.

What is Internal hygiene?  Internal hygiene involves the hydration of our bodily systems.   If it is good, our breath is not offensive, our urine runs clear, bowel movements come regular, and our skin is fresh.

Skin eruptions can happen for a variety of reasons, hormones, stress, and other skin conditions.  Yet, if the blood is sluggish and our diet has too much sugar our skin might have breakouts.  Soda or any high sugared drinks is the worst thing for the kidneys, bladder, intestinal tract and skin.  In fact, it is hard on the digestive tract to have the carbonation running thru it.  I drink soda occasionally, rarely, it seems to take a couple days to get the bloating to go away.  It is so uncomfortable.

Bad breath is not always about keeping the teeth clean, it is much deeper than that.  Remember, breath comes from the lungs, down in your chest.  There may be mucous at the back of your throat which can also affect the smell of your breath as you exhale.  By drinking a glass of water on an empty tummy, then a cup of warm tea the mucous can be thinned.  The breath will be more refreshed, and yes, go ahead an brush your teeth.

The intestines may not be moving so freely and we can feel all bound up and uncomfortable.  It can affect our breath if we are constipated.  Have you ever been near someone with bowel breath.  Whoo, I like there to be some personal space.  When we are constipated, then our food is essentially stalled out in our system, so the food we eat can sit in our stomach and esophagus.

A couple years ago, I went to the emergency room because of severe stomach pain.  It shocked me to find out that my intestines were impacted.  Because I have always eaten a fresh diet high in fruit, vegetables, beans, and good quality grains, I never expected to hear that I was constipated.  It turned out that I was in a state of dehydration and without proper hydration you can easily get constipated.

UTI, some people get urinary tract infections often.  The kidneys, and bladder are affected.  It is uncomfortable, you can get a fever, and the urine can smell strong.  A person’s breath can be affected.

Water, and when to drink water has greatly improved my situation.  For a fresher constitution, and internal hygiene, I have found a few things to be beneficial.

1.  Drink water as soon as I get up in the morning.  The best time to refresh and cleanse the body is right after you get up.  I put the water on for a cup of hot tea, while I am consuming a glass or two of water.  The water can get through the digestive system straight to the intestines, kidneys, bladder, and the blood.  My body is refreshed because there is no food, or digestive fluids in the body to interrupt this pure fluid from doing it’s job.  Then I have my cup of hot tea, and all this hydration helps my intestines to release yesterdays consumption, and it refreshes my urinary tract.  Without enough hydration the contents of the bowels cannot move along.  This leads to not just constipation but being compacted.  Our body may release very little compared to what we consume if we are not well hydrated.  Think of a dried up sponge, then compare that to a dampened sponge.  Our intestinal contents absorb the water much like a sponge.

Our blood needs the water to have proper volume and for our organs to function.  Our bodily cells all need water.  Drinking water on an empty stomach can improve the overall health of these bodily systems.

2.  An hour and a half after a meal I like to drink a glass of water or two to keep everything moving.  Yes, dehydration can make you think you are hungry when you are in reality thirsty.  Drinking even twenty minutes before you eat can be beneficial.  Be refreshed.

3.  Cucumbers, apples and celery help my digestive & urinary tracts to stay fresh.

Drinking water as soon as you wake will have you feeling fresh and your internal hygiene will be much improved.

There may be other more serious issues a person is dealing with and seeing a physician may be needed.