Tempted but not defeated.

Today, in the Dollar General store I was picking up snacks to put in my young sons snack pack.  He is thin and very active.  Still doing my low carbohydrate diet, I feel pretty good being on it for a few days.  This snack isle made my pupils dilate.  These foods are like a drug. Just the smell was intoxicating.

A couple times I almost bought something delightful, and what stopped me is how wonderful I feel when I see on the urine test strip for ketosis, that I am in a light ketosis.  I just do not want to ruin it with a temptation or impulse.  It is a good feeling when you can stop, arrest the temptation, and go the other direction.

The scale is going down, I look forward to Tuesdays official weigh in, then it will have been seven days.  It is my goal to do 21 days, and possibly six weeks.

I would probably be in an higher degree of fat loss if I did not have the shell with the taco, or the refried beans mixed in with the taco meat.  Home made tacos.  The fiber does a person good though especially when on a high protein diet.  We do eat a lot of vegetables.  The diet is working very well, and although I could lose more, faster, I felt I needed to have my dinner that way.

Determination pays off as we continue to imagine our goal realized.

In summary, do not let a meal, or a momentary temptation ruin all your hard work.  It is like a good marriage, it stays good because we have invested in our love and the relationship.  Temptations are not to be considered.

Carbohydrate control, Goals, making them and fulfilling them.

Being on a low carbohydrate diet is just that, it is a low carbohydrate diet.  It is not a no carbohydrate diet.  Each person is so different, some can do well with 15 carbs per meal, and someone else can do 20 carbs, and someone else just 12.

Finding the one that works best is a big part of the success of this diet.  My number seems to be about 15 carbs per meal.  My husband mentioned if I lose too fast I will look like a sharpe’ dog.  Having 75lbs to lose can take a very long time to do it.  I do not feel I have long, and nor do I want to waste another year of my youth this way.  I have 109 days to make a good dent in this, and I want to feel I have accomplished a percentage of this loss by then.  That is approximately 16 weeks.

Dietary goals are important, whether it is to have a low carb meal once a day, or to have a  salad with one meal each day, or to have a 1200 calorie diet a couple days a week.  Dietary goals can improve our situation.

The low carbs help me to fight the crazy cravings I have.  I am doing ok.  Hoping that it is working for you two.  Drink your water, keep your kidneys and bladder clean.  Water is critical for internal health.  Prevents uti infections.

Low Carb Dieting, is it for me?

Diets, there are pros and cons to any diet I have ever heard about.  When it comes to a diet, find one similar to your eating style.  That is the kind that is most successful, one that you can do.  Having a family, and all of them are slender, I have to think of this.  They do not have to diet or suffer because I have to diet.

About twelve years ago I lost 20 lbs very swiftly doing the Atkins diet.  The boost to my motivation was great.  Up to then I would lose two or three and gain one or two.  It was a long time battle, I felt like a car trying to go with no tires.  Then I did the Atkins.  After losing the 20 lbs, then I continued with eat anything I wanted but small portions and I lost another 15 in a few months.  Maintaining this until I was put on another medication that made me heavy again.  This is what I have to contend with, and it is worth trying to get back down.  It is so sad when people give up and give in.  It is very easy to give up and give in.  Especially if you have friends that say, “Your older now, just accept your situation and get rid of your smaller clothes”.  I listened once, and my clothes, all being Newport News and Spiegal at the time, I regret I listened.  Because I will always get smaller, get bigger, and get smaller.  My tastes do not change and my clothes are very nice.  I no longer can afford those kinds of clothes, but my clothes I buy online, new with great deals and I like them.

My husband John really healed my heart and boosted my motivation last night.  He told me about when I was thin in a particular dress, my vintage Bill Blass dress, it is a very fitted size 8.  I loved wearing the dress.  It surprised me that he remembered me wearing the dress.  He said he looks forward to me wearing it again.  Then he reminded me of our trip to Chicago in 2004 when we stayed at the Drake hotel and we went on a dinner/dance cruise boat for the evening.  He told me last night how beautiful I looked to him then.  He still thinks I am beautiful, he just would enjoy seeing me be thin again.  My husband is not one to reminense or to make comments about things.  I wish I had known then how he felt.  Knowing how he felt makes me smile and I feel it is worth all the effort to lose again.  I was 138 lbs then.  At the time, I was still trying to lose to get to my 125 lb goal.  The 125 lb is what a diabetic specialist suggested I weigh too.  At 23 I was only 107 lbs, and I did not like that, and try as I might, I couldn’t gain a pound.  How things change.

I maintained 165 for a few years eating what I wanted, it was still heavier than my little bones needed, but just maintaining was nice.  This last couple years, being on steroids and antibiotics for periods of time, recovering from surgery, bed rest with elevated foot for six months and more surgery, intravenous antibiotics, and topical steroids with more antibiotics.  I reached an all time high of 208 lbs.  How shocking when I look in the mirror, how uncomfortable physically.  When I couldn’t fit into my largest of clothes, and do not want to buy more, I decided to go back to my Atkins to kick start my loss.

A couple weeks ago I did the Atkins for about five days.  Dieting for a week altogether, I lost ten pounds.  What I like is that I can have two dove dark chocolate squares without ruining my ketosis.  Being in ketosis is very warming to me.  I strive to drink a lot of water while doing a low carb plan.  Washing my kidneys with plenty of water and just being well hydrated is good for the urinary tract.

This is day one of my Atkins.  Breakfast was great.  A small dish of Plain Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed in, then a vegetable omelet with a piece of salami chopped into it, with feta cheese on top, and a cup of coffee with cream.  It has been a couple hours and I am still feeling very satisfied.  I am thinking about getting some nuts to snack on.

I am just trying to make the load a little lighter, so I can feel better and fit into my clothes.  That is my dietary goal for this week.  Putting the jelly beans away.