Pleasurable endorphin releasing activities, natures natural anti depressant.

Is there an activity you like to do?  Do you enjoy golfing or bowling, or going to a museum or a show?  I am not suggesting that a person get into a committed every week situation with these activities, they take time an money to do.

It is important to take the time and money you set aside to go enjoy an activity.  About every three weeks I try to plan for an activity we can do as a family, or with just my husband or to go with a friend.  I love orchestras and I am hoping to go enjoy that. Planning a pleasurable activity  is very healthy for the mind.

Plan an hour or two to hang out at the library or book store.  A person can stroll through a garden center an plan a garden or just buy a few plants.

The library plans many activities for the public.  We have always enjoyed what they put together.  Some towns have Friday night movies at the park put on my the parks district, which has many other activities and classes available.

Of course there is always a massage or a pedicure. What a treat.

Then there is just getting at something that has been long put off. Just jump in an get something done. It is very important to replenish so you can come back twice as motivated.

It is really important to have something to do that is not stressful, but enjoyable.  This way a person is not practicing seclusion, but is interacting with the public.  A friendship might be initiated, loneliness may be forgotten as interest grows in activities.  Endorphins to the rescue when we practice the art of living, depression can release its grip on us.

In control in an out of control world

Many have suffered because we live in a world where bad happens.   So many are plagued with Depression for a variety of reasons.  Post traumatic stress is a very real condition. There is the medically induced depression because of health problems or a recent surgery.  There is depression as a side effect of medication.  There is mental illness. The post-pardem depression that affects a woman after having a baby which can involve hormones and thought process.  There is a situational or circumstantial type of depression brought on by the loss of a job or relationship.  All the different types of depression and so many more types exist than I am able to mention.

The one thing many depressions have in common is the feeling of loss of control or the inability to control.  It is difficult to view the future with optimism.

A few things can help Develop a positive outlook.

1.  Positive affirmations:  Saying a positive statement a few times a day for about forty days, even praying about it.  Example:  There is good in my life.  Say this a few times a day.  Ask Jehovah to help you to see and acknowledge good in our life.  Before you know it, you will be thanking Jehovah for the good in your life.

2.  Start a small project and imagine the finished product.  Putting a puzzle together, or learning a new craft, or picking up an undone project and finishing it, or going to the senior citizens center and ask if you can join their group. (They have many groups and classes, playing pool, crochet, day trips to museums etc., painting groups).  When my sons were small I would ask to be in the senior citizen painting class and bring my sons.  Although I am not and was not a senior they allowed us to come.  In many cities and states I have done this.  One group had men playing pool while we were painting and they invited my sons whom were teenagers homeschooling to come out and play pool with them, and the boys learned a lot from them and had a great time.

3.  Plant a seed and watch it grow.  It gives you something to look forward to.  Our friend Paul whom is home bound due to chronic illness put in some special lights and he has trays he starts tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce plants in.  He grows these, and he shares them with others.  Having a garden is great for a positive outlook.  Last year I read an article in Architectural Digest about Bette Midler and how she instituted a roof top garden program for people living in the high rises where direct sunlight cannot get into their homes.  I no longer have the article, but if you can find it you will be very encouraged by her efforts and the benefits so many have been enjoying.  I felt very proud of Bette for doing this.

4.  Daily Exercise:  If a person is able to get some exercise daily, it releases endorphins and helps both your body and mind.  Taking a walk on your lunch hour, or going up and down some stairs a few times, or joining a class, or doing the 6:30 a.m. PBS exercise show in the mornings is a great way to invest in yourself.  Most libraries have a video rental section and you can rent an exercise video.  Otherwise, just doing a few stretches and isometric exercises can get your blood flowing.  Oxygen to the brain lifts the spirits.

There is so much not in our control, and there are some things in our control.  By learning a few beneficial things we can do, our outlook may become more optimistic.  Practicing a few things in our daily life will bring on a living attitude.  It can contribute to a better view of ourselves and even change how others view us.  Our conversations can be more interesting to others, because we are more engaging.  With our interests being cultivated, we have more to talk about.  When we isolate ourselves and get so depressed, it is difficult to have conversation that is positive.  Because we are creating a broader field of interests we may meet more people, make some friends, and have much to share.