Brent an Britteny married on July 20, 2016. Despite the storms of life, they found Love and Bravely face their future together with Jehovah as their stronghold.


Brent an Britteny Bishop

Congratulations on your choice to Marry a person in the faith that you can share your life with forever.  Always be kind and considerate to each other.  Consideration practiced in daily life is part of the bond of love.  You two are loved by many.

Pleasurable endorphin releasing activities, natures natural anti depressant.

Is there an activity you like to do?  Do you enjoy golfing or bowling, or going to a museum or a show?  I am not suggesting that a person get into a committed every week situation with these activities, they take time an money to do.

It is important to take the time and money you set aside to go enjoy an activity.  About every three weeks I try to plan for an activity we can do as a family, or with just my husband or to go with a friend.  I love orchestras and I am hoping to go enjoy that. Planning a pleasurable activity  is very healthy for the mind.

Plan an hour or two to hang out at the library or book store.  A person can stroll through a garden center an plan a garden or just buy a few plants.

The library plans many activities for the public.  We have always enjoyed what they put together.  Some towns have Friday night movies at the park put on my the parks district, which has many other activities and classes available.

Of course there is always a massage or a pedicure. What a treat.

Then there is just getting at something that has been long put off. Just jump in an get something done. It is very important to replenish so you can come back twice as motivated.

It is really important to have something to do that is not stressful, but enjoyable.  This way a person is not practicing seclusion, but is interacting with the public.  A friendship might be initiated, loneliness may be forgotten as interest grows in activities.  Endorphins to the rescue when we practice the art of living, depression can release its grip on us.

Taking a Moment to… This is better than a greeting card ..

This is better than a popular brand of greeting cards.  This is not romance, and it is not to be saved for a holiday, it is real life now.

Stop, take a look at your nearest and dearest.  Are you too busy to smile?  Can you look in their eyes and listen while they are expressing themselves to you?  Can you give a hug and hold while expressing words of appreciation?

It might be an elderly person in your life, it could be your mate, or your sibling, or your child.  We have a responsibility to be emotionally affectionate.

More children and adults are made vulnerable just because they do not hear often enough, I love you.  I appreciate all you do.  You look so nice today.  Your so good at that.  I need you in my life.  Thank you.  People in our lives are emotionally starving and it shouldn’t be a card once a year that tells them how important they are to you.

With electronic devices, I see families in restaurants and everyone except one is fooling with their phones.  They look lonely and irritated.  Personally, I would move to another table and I would be less lonely eating alone.

It takes so much to earn a respectable wage and to carry all the responsibilities in our lives.  People are emotionally and physically spent.  Our loved ones can get neglected in the process.  We need not put it off, all need love, affection and approval.

There are some really exceptional people out there that already take the time and do this with their loved ones, and their loved ones feel very loved.

No, this is not a special occasion card.  No one knows how long they will live or how long another will live.  Time and unforeseen occurrence befall all.  Love expressed is a most cherished moment.

When your fat, your not Just Fat!

It is too easy to be fat. Why, you can be fat without even trying. One day I was too thin an stressing over it, and now I am carrying more pounds than my little bones were meant to carry an I am stressing over it.

Does a person say, “oh, I think I will get fat today”?  If a person is responsible for the lbs that are creeping on, usually they are unaware of the little habits contributing.  Usually it becomes a daily habit of comfort. Stopping for the cappuccino or frappinchino or breakfast on the run at a drive thru.  When I was in my mid thirties I started having one Dr. Pepper each afternoon at work it didn’t take long to notice I was gaining weight. I stopped this an the weight came back off. Little habits can do you in, or they can undo all your hard work.  If I am at a restraunt I really think about the beverage I am ordering. You can have a healthy meal but the beverage can throw your calorie and carbohydrate count off. Refills come too easy. I think I will have water.

So many like myself have gained weight thru the medications they have taken and are taking. We feel powerless. Every time I do a round of antiobotics with steroids I gain 3 – 5 lbs a week. I have to use the medications quite often. This is what I have to contend with. Do I take this laying down?  No!  I try to stretch an exercise each day and eat a healthy diet. I do these things because overall they are in my control. If I didn’t do them I would be much heavier than I actually am. The fabulous thing is we must keep doing what is good for us even if it all seems to go without results, it is good for us. We must continue investing in our better selves. This optimism can help us to combat depression and a state of helplessness. We have to view our situation as temporary.  There has been times I was so sick that I entertained death and I lost the living attitude.  Emotionally it is painful coping with long term illness. It is too easy to give up on ourselves. We can not give up on living, we must just learn to live differently.

My situation is ongoing an I have accepted the fact it is ongoing. Coping with the effects of chronic illness is like learning to parent a very disruptive child. We must exercise love for the child, feed, nourish it and provide security.  It is not stuffing bad child with donuts to shut him up, which in turn will lead to worse behavior. Nor, do we treat ourselves with such unloving ways. Our mind and body needs to feel satisfied, safe an well cared for. That does not mean indulgence.  I like to thank Jehovah an to let him know I feel appreciation for the abundance of food available to nourish my body and that I always need his guidance to make wise choices.

How do I indulge?  I eat two little dark chocolate dove squares after my lunch. I eat them very slowly an I truly savor the flavor.  I am satisfied. Yum.