Lemon Zest Drizzle Cake

A Healthy cake you can enjoy eating an sharing.


Lemon Zest Cake with Lemon Zest Creme Drizzle by Gina at fatfitanfab.com

Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme Cakemix.

3 eggs as box cake suggests, substitute coconut oil for the vegtable oil.  I used 1/3 cup.  1 cup water as reccommended plus 2 tbl.

1/3 cup chia seeds, 1/3 cup dry raw coconut, 1/4 cup lemon zest an juice from lemon

Mix according to directions, bake according to directions on box.  I used two mini bundt cake pans an divided it.

Lemon Zest Drizzle:  2 tbl of butter, 2 tbl of lemon juice w / pinch of zest, mix confectioners sugar in until almost thick.  Drizzle on warm, not hot, cake, sprinkle loose confectioners sugar on cake, drizzle more creme on, sprinkle lightly again.  Enjoy.  Give one away.

My own recipe, Make at own risk as I am only an amateur with serious lemon cravings.

In my oven, 22 minutes at 365 degrees.  All ovens vary.  I did spray pans before dividing batter into them.

From Gina  fatfitanfab.com

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