Can You Finish …in three an 1/2 days?

Here we are nearing the end of October.  How are you doing on your punch list?  Are you getting into some good habits?  Are you taking walks, and exercising regularly?  How is drinking plenty of water going?  Are you taking time to express love and care for those in your family?  Is there things you are trying to wrap up as fall turns into winter very shortly?

Habits, something we have to keep doing for positive results.  Keeping our cars cleaned out, putting things away when we are finished, drinking water and exercising, these are a few habits I have been practicing.  I am pleased with the results and expect even better results over time.  I always ended up with piles and I never knew how all these surfaces got so messy.  There are people whom make very neat piles, I am not one of them.  You could find something from everywhere in just one pile.  I do not understand, but I am striving to catch myself before I stack another thing.  It is a matter of prayer for me, that I become aware of my actions.  Being responsible for the messes in our life is the best way to clean them up.  I have to pray daily, or I am oblivious.  It helps a lot.  Now I see a lot of improvement.  I watched a video on the Art of Tidying up, and I am hoping to order the book on Amazon.  A brilliant young oriental woman, I feel her theories are worth applying and experimenting with.  It is already helping.  Over a few months, there has been nominal improvement and what has been organized is staying organized.  I am delighted about that.  Timeframes to consider, how long do I want it to take?  What is reasonable?

The exercise, I do a form of exercise almost everyday, it keeps the sugar down.  My husband tries to go at least twice a week to work out with me at a local gym.  Sadly, I have been craving sugar, the wrong thing, and I have apparently not resisted enough.  It seems to be such an endearing source of comfort to bandage my wounded heart.  That supposedly is hogwash and it is the same mentality that gets any addict into serious trouble.  Talking about this with you, I want to cut back.  When I am so exhausted which is a battle due to this lymphatic infection, I crave sugar and coffee for energy.  I doubt that it accomplishes that.  It is discouraging gaining a couple pounds, what can I expect.

I have been getting a few things completed that were on my mind to do.  My list of things would keep a large group of women employed almost full time if I could afford it.  No wonder I get so overwhelmed.  This week and next week I am just striving to finish a few old projects and get them off my list. It feels so good to get things done.  We must do some painting on the exterior of the house in the next week or so.  It will be too cold for paint to cure if we wait too long.

It is not too late to create your punch list.  This list is essential in the field of construction.  It keeps contractors and subcontractors on track to complete a job.  It is purposeful efficiency, and it is something we could all employ in our life.  This was a part of my career when I worked in the field of architecture and construction.  It is not too late to employ some of those skills into my personal life.  How about you?  Make your list, domestic, work, family, spiritual, fitness and health.  Just put a couple goals under each category and prayerfully consider it.

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