Those annoying little things, just nag at me….

Those annoying little things, just nag at me.  Don’t you have things that nag at you?  What a relief it is to get a few of them handled.

Is it a phone call you need to make, or a letter you need to write?  Is it paperwork requesting more information from you?  Or is it spending time with family members you keep putting off?  The piece of trim that needs to be put up, or a leaky faucet.  It may be that your drawers are so stuffed that it is difficult for you to put your clothes away, yet, you seem to be wearing the same old things.

It not only causes us stress when we have visual reminders everywhere of all we need to get done.  It can cost us a great deal of money in some situations if we wait to long to follow thru on things.

A few years ago, our friends James and Olivia invited us to go to a beach house a customer had given them a weeks use for.  I brought along my favorite things, painting to do, knitting etc. and my favorite magazines.  I love to do paintings on trips.  That trip, I just do not remember what painting I did do, but my mind clearly remembers how wonderfully relaxing to be in an environment that was tastefully decorated, nothing needing to be fixed, and nothing needing done.  We were totally replenished.  The effects of that trip lasted a long time for me.

Our home is a real joy to be in, very interesting, eclectic.  Yet, the trim needs to be put up, the stairs need to be stained, and woodwork needs to be finished.  There really is not one room that is totally finished that could be considered a refuge.  I have a goal to make one room like that, and eventually the whole house.  Sometimes, it is not so joyful walking thru because my conscious nags at me, I need to do this, I do not like how that was done and I need to tear it out and get it done right, and I sure wish that painting was done.  It turns out that others feel that way in their homes, I need to clean out my garage so we can use it again, I would like to get the spare room cleaned out, etc.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of taking a drawer, emptying it on the bed, and discovering some favorite items in there that you can enjoy using again and donating the less important things.

When it comes to paperwork and phone calls that get put to the back of the mind.  That creates such mental clutter, no wonder people get so stressed.  It is important to take a bit of time on a Friday morning or a Monday morning and address these things.  It frees up the mind and may save you some money in the long run.

I have been put off with our insurance this last year because they did not properly reimburse me for something.  So, I thought I had handled it alright, and felt it was a lost cause.  Now, that I had to go again to this appointment I called the insurance and said I want to be sure what I am covered for to make sure I will get reimbursed this time.  I mentioned I was a little soured about them not reimbursing me last year.  They surprised me by saying, they needed one thing and they would go ahead and still reimburse me for that.  What a surprise and blessing.

Sometimes, we get a little grouchy because we are so hard pressed.  Making time to get these little annoying things out of the way can surely lighten our load.  Then we can be free to enjoy those we love and smile with them.  When did you last stop, look at your loved one, and smile?  Smiles, are a great way to say Hello, I accept you, I need you, your important to me…Oh, we will touch on that another time.

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