Master Lists are not just for Big Business.

Years ago I purchased a certain planner, a sort of day book for the year, which showed the monthly, weekly, and daily calendars.  I read something the author published regarding success and accomplishment broken down using his planners.  A systematic project planner.

When my children were small, in desperation I took a course in domestic affairs, getting it together was the basic theme and they had a fabulous card system that helped a person to think in a way that they no longer felt overwhelmed. The system helped you to think of tasks by seasons, months, weeks, and days of the weeks.  The sisters helped me so often over the years, even taking my calls a couple times, answering my emails.  Very compassionate and helpful.  They too were once disorganized, and they achieved a system that has helped millions Get it Together.  I would like to thank them.

The two systems one being the creator of this great planner that most businesses have utilized over the years, and the system these great sisters created can help about anyone to improve in their life.

Having the attention deficit, I have never naturally known how to keep the homestead looking presentable.  I was raised in a very clean organized home.  My mother was an excellent homemaker and she was systematic.  It just didn’t rub off on me, I did not naturally get it.  Although, it has always been important to me to have an organized life and home.

Now, this last few years I have really come to value systems.  We have our solar system which is very timely.  It seems that they always know how often a comet comes through, and when an eclipse will occur with the greatest predictability.  I have come to appreciate the beauty of systems.

There was a time I was afraid of a rigid system, and schedules.  I had a crazy notion that it would ruin my impulsive nature and steal my creativity.  Too late, I learned that being totally impulsive without structure and organization robs me of success.  Structure and organization free me up to utilize my impulsiveness and I no longer waste my creativity.  Naturally, organization will always be a challenge.  I just feel so much happier practicing a schedule.

The previous mentioned systems, like having my master list for the month and my master list for the week really help me to accomplish more.  I schedule other things around my domestic routine because if my home is in disarray than my mind is too. A day or two not practicing my routine and it all falls apart like a house of cards.  This causes a person to have low esteem, feeling totally ineffective.  Breaking jobs into steps helps me, my life skills manager for attention deficit has been working with me for years striving to help me to break jobs into doable steps.  I finally have been practicing this for a while.  It is crucial that we feel we achieve something daily, weekly, and yearly.  People make their resolutions or yearly goals at the beginning of the year, as people like to reflect on the past year to consider how they did in achieving those goals.

My master list this week included dejunking the laundry room,  a very packed, depressing room where everything seemed to get put there.  The thought of working in there was overwhelming and I only did laundry in there and left.  This elephant kept growing.  Is there an elephant in the room?, I would have rathered there was, it would have been more pleasant to deal with.

Using the master list system, I broke it down to a series of jobs.  Example, this laundry room is part of a larger room where a piano and a couple chairs are.  The two chairs were filled with an array of things, the piano above and under was packed up, the shelving unit unorganized, and clean laundry above and beneath the shelf where laundry is to be processed and put away.  Besides a utility sink that needs to be hooked up, which cannot be hooked up until we move the dryer and paint behind where the sink and dryer go.  Now you understand why this is so overwhelming?  I have to admit that the piano was a bad deal, I bought a piano, had my men bring it here, only to find out there were serious problems with the piano and it isn’t even worth fixing.  We just need to cut our losses and remove it.  Why were the chairs filled with things, piles, I do not remember doing it, but I obviously put things there temporarily and the stay became extended.  Under the shelf is a basket of socks that need to be matched up and it seemed we must have just kept buying more socks.  Has anyone else ever done such a thing?

Making my master list:  Chair     20 minutes,  chair  20 minutes, under the piano 15 minutes, on the piano top 20 minutes, on the shelf of laundry station   15 minutes,  under the shelf  20 minutes, painting a wall  1 hour,  hooking up a sink  20 minutes.   This week I have just been looking at a job and doing one and marking it off.  After each job is an estimation of how much time I expect it to take.  Being generous in those estimates.  After the job is completed I write how much time it took me. I have seen where I was close on the estimates of a few jobs and way off on others.   I hope to be done tomorrow.  It is amazing seeing an empty chair.

Do it for yourself!  That is advice commonly heard.  But sometimes, I think we are not always enough, and it is good to think of others.  Doing it for myself sadly has not been enough.  My husband has been very patient with me thru all of this, and he has mentioned how he would like his sink hooked up.  I am doing this for him and our whole family.  It will benefit all to have the area pleasant, organized and ready to utilize.  It will make myself happy too, so how isn’t it for myself.  Pleasing my mate is pleasing to me.

Try out a new planner, or create a monthly and weekly planner to accomplish the things in your life that will open the way for greater peace and productivity.  There will no longer be an elephant in the room.

Tempted but not defeated.

Today, in the Dollar General store I was picking up snacks to put in my young sons snack pack.  He is thin and very active.  Still doing my low carbohydrate diet, I feel pretty good being on it for a few days.  This snack isle made my pupils dilate.  These foods are like a drug. Just the smell was intoxicating.

A couple times I almost bought something delightful, and what stopped me is how wonderful I feel when I see on the urine test strip for ketosis, that I am in a light ketosis.  I just do not want to ruin it with a temptation or impulse.  It is a good feeling when you can stop, arrest the temptation, and go the other direction.

The scale is going down, I look forward to Tuesdays official weigh in, then it will have been seven days.  It is my goal to do 21 days, and possibly six weeks.

I would probably be in an higher degree of fat loss if I did not have the shell with the taco, or the refried beans mixed in with the taco meat.  Home made tacos.  The fiber does a person good though especially when on a high protein diet.  We do eat a lot of vegetables.  The diet is working very well, and although I could lose more, faster, I felt I needed to have my dinner that way.

Determination pays off as we continue to imagine our goal realized.

In summary, do not let a meal, or a momentary temptation ruin all your hard work.  It is like a good marriage, it stays good because we have invested in our love and the relationship.  Temptations are not to be considered.

CHANGE, is it possible? A transformation How?

Change?  Why change, you’re great just how you are.  There are things about you that are unique to you, whether fat or thin, you are fabulous.

Think of the caterpillar that isn’t so pretty but the future is bright, and the transformation is inevitable.  The lunar moth, or the butterfly is amazing.  Imagine if someone killed the moth larvae’ or stomped a caterpillar, preventing this transformation because of viewing the present state as unappealing.

First, we do not want to do that to ourselves, judging ourselves too harshly, condemning ourselves as unworthy.  We are our own investment, and those we love appreciate when we take good care of ourselves, and our responsibilities.  Whom are we to compare ourselves to another, or even to our past self.  Times change us, circumstances call for an adjustment of our expectations.  The bible tells us to let our reasonableness be known to all.  We improve our own life and bless the lives of those we love.

Secondly, there may be people that are very comfortable with us in our sad state.  Our improvements make them uncomfortable.  If we stay fat, unhappy, and unorganized they depend on that.  They compare themselves to us and immediately they feel superior.  Why would we want to be viewed in such an unhealthy way?  Our esteem stays low, and we feel undeserving.  If you make the habit of making yourself look nice, pay attention to your family and friends.  If someone responds negatively to you, you know a little more about them, Don’t you?!  I have friends that do not want me to lose weight, they tell me a pound a month is just fine, or that I must accept my weight.  Are they really a friend?

I recall that when I lived up in Chicagoland, there was a time I was very unhealthy and I was heavy.  Dressing in colorful clothes cheers me up.  So I started dressing with great cheer.  Someone I considered my friend, informed me that being a large woman I should tone down and wear just browns and blacks like they do in Chicago.  The professional and sophisticated woman dresses in dark colors she said.  My response came rather quickly, I said, “The reason the women dress in brown and black is that they are in a state of gloom and doom, there is no future for them other than what they are doing now.  I serve a God of great color.  Birds, butterflies an flowers are a great show of color and they are my inspiration.  When I wear color or if I wear black, it does not change my size, I could be some big black bird or I can be a lovely cheerful image.”  She did not take well to this.  The point being, when you discover others do not support your positive changes, do you need their discouraging oppression?

The other problem is if others try to oppress you with expectations of change too heavily.  For instance, I have been working on maintaining a schedule while I strive to get my domestics organized.  Some would just like to pull up a dumpster and clear all my surfaces while they brag that they did all this.  Like, forcing their way on me.  Maybe they do not like having books around, and hobbies to do, and they consider themselves minimalist.  The fact that I sweep my floors daily, keep my kitchen and baths clean, and do my towels and sheets each week means I do not live in squalor.  I do not want to minimize the fact that I do have clutter which I am diminishing.  Having operations every ten months for the last ten years, being on bed rest and having home health care on a number of occasions and the list goes on, there are times everything gets out of control.  I have hired people as I can to keep the house wiped down, the floors clean etc.  It is just there are well meaning people whom would like to come in with black trash bags and clear out the place.  There are times that I am housebound, and having my projects around keeps my mind and heart busy as well as inspired.  I am handicapped and I spend a lot of time at home, and this is my home.  Pressure and judgment from others whom have a lack of  understanding and compassion only set a person backwards in their progress.  There are times we must submit to change if our situation is extreme and unhealthy.  Otherwise, people need to respect another persons legal and moral right to conduct their own life.

It takes time to change, and it takes time for others to recognize nominal change.  The practice of good habits will result in change.  So if your goal is taking a long time in being achieved there may be ways to step it up.  I will discuss this in another post very soon.  Remember, it is important to already be cared for and loved now as you are.  Even if it is only you whom loves yourself and sees your good qualities, that is crucial in your transformation.  If no one wants to love me while I am fat, I do not care for their love when I am thin.  If I am only loved thin, then how much do I need the love.

The change and transformation we are working for is also helping us to earn and acquire a health esteem.  That is not the same as narcissism or self centeredness.  We are healthfully making the internal and external adjustments in our habits and lifestyle.  Aren’t we beautiful?

Carbohydrate control, Goals, making them and fulfilling them.

Being on a low carbohydrate diet is just that, it is a low carbohydrate diet.  It is not a no carbohydrate diet.  Each person is so different, some can do well with 15 carbs per meal, and someone else can do 20 carbs, and someone else just 12.

Finding the one that works best is a big part of the success of this diet.  My number seems to be about 15 carbs per meal.  My husband mentioned if I lose too fast I will look like a sharpe’ dog.  Having 75lbs to lose can take a very long time to do it.  I do not feel I have long, and nor do I want to waste another year of my youth this way.  I have 109 days to make a good dent in this, and I want to feel I have accomplished a percentage of this loss by then.  That is approximately 16 weeks.

Dietary goals are important, whether it is to have a low carb meal once a day, or to have a  salad with one meal each day, or to have a 1200 calorie diet a couple days a week.  Dietary goals can improve our situation.

The low carbs help me to fight the crazy cravings I have.  I am doing ok.  Hoping that it is working for you two.  Drink your water, keep your kidneys and bladder clean.  Water is critical for internal health.  Prevents uti infections.

Clean up this Life ….

Clean up our life, many people have a great and amazing life.  The rest of us need to take a good look at our life and see what adjustments we could make to improve the overall situation.

There are many areas we can consider:  Here are just five areas that could make a big difference in our life.

1.  Presentation:  As a very large woman I have come to realize that the presentation of self makes a difference in how I feel and how others respond to me.  A few heavy gals I know dress very nicely, but I have seen some become more immodest as the pounds come on.  The more pounds the lower the blouse goes.  The tighter the pants get.  I feel embarrassed for them.  The kind of attention they receive may not be honorable.  Or show any kind of respect for them.

Have a neat clean appearance, put on a small amount of make-up if you like, and do our hair nice, even our nails can be clean and nicely shaped.  Wearing attractive clothes that are modest improve the overall image.  Even getting an occasional pedicure inspires good feeling.  Being heavy gives me a lot of practice, so when I become thin, I will already be dressing and looking this way.  Have you ever seen a large woman whom is lovely with a beautiful smile that dresses nice?  That could be you.

2.  Conversation with a smile.  There is an art to good communication.  Personally, I do not like the question  “How are you?”  I feel that is a dead end question.  Do I tell them how bad I really feel and how hard it was to get out today.  Or do I just say fine when it is not fine.  Instead a question I like is:  “What have you been busy with lately?”  People love to tell you what they have been doing.  Listen, do not be too quick to take over with your own thoughts.  Respond to their thoughts and expressions with something like “How long have you been working on that”?  “what caused you to be interested in that?”  Let them talk.  You will enjoy listening to another.  I already know how I think and feel, I am interested in how others think and feel.   Then you can say, I ventured in that a few years ago and got off track, maybe you can help me get started again.  Thus, more promising interchanges and possibly spending time with a new friend.  If there is time for it, you can tell them something interesting you have been doing, working on, or going to, and I am sure they will want to hear about it.  If the conversation drops, you can still remember what they told you, and next time you see them you can ask them about it.  Comfort levels will increase, and a friendship can develop.

3.  Our surroundings, are we clean and organized.  That is such a challenge.  Some are naturals at this and I admire them.  Closets can be a big problem.  Especially when you have winter and summer mixed together, or a variety of sizes, or casual with the dress.  It is good to pull all out of and organize by type:  a shirt section, a skirt section, dress section, casual, short coats, long coats.  Even then organize your skirt section by colors like a rainbow.  Then the dress section.  It helps when getting dressed to quickly pick out what you need.  If you are in a few different sizes and you constantly shuffle thru to find what will fit, it can be discouraging.  Make a section for just what you can where now.  This has made my life so much easier.  I use to cry just pulling out 20 items to see what would fit.

4.  Time management, everyone has time to manage.  Responsibilities can take so much time and energies.  It is hard to get the checkbook balanced and the laundry done when your overwhelmed with obligations.  Make a big calendar page and fill it up with the time blocks of your obligations, then see what time is not filled.  If it is all filled until bedtime, then there are a few things to consider.  Are all obligations essential?  A friend was running a kid to dance lessons and the other to football, and then to a camp, etc. and she would be at the meets, games and recitals.  She felt she was doing what she should be doing for the children, yet she was ruining her health, nervous system, and she became resentful. Do you have a choice as far as the extracurricular?  Limit the extracurricular.  Some kids do not like it as much as you may think.  The kids still have scholastic pressures, and kids get tired too.  Some kids get stressed and start getting head aches and pain because it is too much for them.  From school to the extra curricular, to home for quick dinner and down for a heavy load of homework.  It can be too much for all.

Make time during your lunch hour to prepare a bible lesson, or take a walk, or balance a check book, or make important phone calls, or rest because you need to.  Using time blocks can help you to find bits of time to fulfill all your responsibilities.  Throw the laundry in, take a walk, put laundry in dryer, vacuum a room or two, clean the bathroom. fold the laundry and put away.  Sit and have a cup of coffee and read a bit.  That was just a time block.  You got a lot done.  Because I do not have a lot of energy, I work in small blocks and get more done.

5.  Obeying the laws, no speeding, paying our bills on time, saves us money and peace of mind.  Need I say more.  The cost of the ticket and increase in insurance is no small price to pay for the two or three minutes we imagine we save by speeding.  Obey the limit, do not get pulled over, and save your money.  Fines on the bank account, or fees on late bills.  Living within our means can add up to a lot of savings and again, peace of mind.

Cleaning up our habits and routines saves us time.  Reassessing what our obligations are and being sure whether they are important or not.  This could help us be in better control of our time.  Being mindful that whether we are obese or just plump, we need to present ourselves in well arranged attire.  We do not have to wait until we are thin to feel good about ourselves.  Our whole self image can improve with a new attitude of exercising healthy habits and cleaning up our life now.  We can build a better life now.  Start today.

Low Carb Dieting, is it for me?

Diets, there are pros and cons to any diet I have ever heard about.  When it comes to a diet, find one similar to your eating style.  That is the kind that is most successful, one that you can do.  Having a family, and all of them are slender, I have to think of this.  They do not have to diet or suffer because I have to diet.

About twelve years ago I lost 20 lbs very swiftly doing the Atkins diet.  The boost to my motivation was great.  Up to then I would lose two or three and gain one or two.  It was a long time battle, I felt like a car trying to go with no tires.  Then I did the Atkins.  After losing the 20 lbs, then I continued with eat anything I wanted but small portions and I lost another 15 in a few months.  Maintaining this until I was put on another medication that made me heavy again.  This is what I have to contend with, and it is worth trying to get back down.  It is so sad when people give up and give in.  It is very easy to give up and give in.  Especially if you have friends that say, “Your older now, just accept your situation and get rid of your smaller clothes”.  I listened once, and my clothes, all being Newport News and Spiegal at the time, I regret I listened.  Because I will always get smaller, get bigger, and get smaller.  My tastes do not change and my clothes are very nice.  I no longer can afford those kinds of clothes, but my clothes I buy online, new with great deals and I like them.

My husband John really healed my heart and boosted my motivation last night.  He told me about when I was thin in a particular dress, my vintage Bill Blass dress, it is a very fitted size 8.  I loved wearing the dress.  It surprised me that he remembered me wearing the dress.  He said he looks forward to me wearing it again.  Then he reminded me of our trip to Chicago in 2004 when we stayed at the Drake hotel and we went on a dinner/dance cruise boat for the evening.  He told me last night how beautiful I looked to him then.  He still thinks I am beautiful, he just would enjoy seeing me be thin again.  My husband is not one to reminense or to make comments about things.  I wish I had known then how he felt.  Knowing how he felt makes me smile and I feel it is worth all the effort to lose again.  I was 138 lbs then.  At the time, I was still trying to lose to get to my 125 lb goal.  The 125 lb is what a diabetic specialist suggested I weigh too.  At 23 I was only 107 lbs, and I did not like that, and try as I might, I couldn’t gain a pound.  How things change.

I maintained 165 for a few years eating what I wanted, it was still heavier than my little bones needed, but just maintaining was nice.  This last couple years, being on steroids and antibiotics for periods of time, recovering from surgery, bed rest with elevated foot for six months and more surgery, intravenous antibiotics, and topical steroids with more antibiotics.  I reached an all time high of 208 lbs.  How shocking when I look in the mirror, how uncomfortable physically.  When I couldn’t fit into my largest of clothes, and do not want to buy more, I decided to go back to my Atkins to kick start my loss.

A couple weeks ago I did the Atkins for about five days.  Dieting for a week altogether, I lost ten pounds.  What I like is that I can have two dove dark chocolate squares without ruining my ketosis.  Being in ketosis is very warming to me.  I strive to drink a lot of water while doing a low carb plan.  Washing my kidneys with plenty of water and just being well hydrated is good for the urinary tract.

This is day one of my Atkins.  Breakfast was great.  A small dish of Plain Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed in, then a vegetable omelet with a piece of salami chopped into it, with feta cheese on top, and a cup of coffee with cream.  It has been a couple hours and I am still feeling very satisfied.  I am thinking about getting some nuts to snack on.

I am just trying to make the load a little lighter, so I can feel better and fit into my clothes.  That is my dietary goal for this week.  Putting the jelly beans away.

Buffet, A fat trap or not? How to behave like a skinny person at a Buffet.

We went to a Buffet today.  The experience was very nice.  Did I pig out?  Did I try to get my monies worth?  What is Buffet etiquette?

The array of food, vegetables, salad fixens, pickled veggies, potato salad, mashed potatoes, noodles, stuffing, and meats galore, whom wouldn’t want to occasionally enjoy a buffet?.  Why pig out?  I can make healthful delicious selections knowing I will likely have another meal in about four hours.  Knowing this is not my last meal I realize I do not want to make myself sick over it.  Have you ever heard someone say they got sick after going to a buffet, that always causes me to wonder, Did they eat how many plates of food? Did they wash their hands? How fast did they consume all this food?. These are all factors in how we will feel after consuming a meal at a buffet.

I had one plate of food, a dish of coleslaw, and a 1″ x 1″ brownie, and a cup of tea.  This was great.  I just did not feel like cooking.  I believe I more than got my monies worth.  A couple hours later I had an afternoon snack.  I am content.

Although I am not a doctor, nurse or nutritionist, I still like to consider the physiology of a person.  Our esophagus is only so big around and so long.  Our stomach is said to be about the size of our fist.  How much expanding do we expect our stomachs to do?  Do we pack in so much food that the mechanics between the stomach and upper intestines are not able to function correctly.  Does our food sit and stay compacted in our esophagus?  When we eat a high volume of food, and many eat too fast, our digestive fluids roll up into our throat doing damage to both our esophagus and throat?  For years I have had to have my stomach stretched open, and my throat stretched.  It is a painful experience.  Yet, it helps a lot, because my food will just sit in my esophagus, and the digestive juices make me feel so sick.  Sometimes I get very sick.  It is time for me to go get stretched again.  Eating smaller meals and being sure not to stuff myself is important.  Recently I read, and I do not remember where I read it, that more people are getting cirrhosis of the liver, and it is not from alcohol.  When we eat a lot and a variety, our poor liver has to send out a lot to process all that is coming thru our system.  Our livers are getting worked to death.  Poor liver, let’s give it a break.  No wonder the bible talks about overeating and gluttony being a sin.

Buffet, in the dictionary also means to fight or force.  So are we fighting against the way we were designed to function.  Do we force our bodies to the point of long term injury.  Something to consider.  The other matter of getting our monies worth, the cost of a visit to the buffet for a dinner compared to a decent restaurant it may cost about the same and we are being served our salad, entrée, and a dessert we order from a menu.  The menus have the same germs that the serving utensils at the buffet contain because most people do not wash their hands before handling a menu.  After ordering from a menu I go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

Buffet etiquette, by exercising self respect, respect for others and the world hunger situation we would not want to just pile our plates up.  We can go up and get another plate of food.  This prevents wastefulness or forcing ourselves to clean our plate because we piled it up and we are of the clean plate society.  Washing our hands before, and then again after serving ourselves is considerate.  Most important, it is crucial to wash our hands after, there are so many that do not wash their hands.  When you pick up your roll to eat it, it is like a dozen people already picked it up, because their germs are on the serving utensils.  I leave my plate at the table with loved ones and I go wash my hands.  If for some odd reason I cannot leave to go wash up, I will use a lemon across my fingers and hands and dry with my napkin.  With the many flues and other epidemics, and the fungal infections people carry, I really want to wash my hands.

Skinny people are on to something big, being selective, small portions and eating slow.  Let’s not talk about the disgusting skinny people that pig out and never gain a pound.  It all catches up, maybe not in pounds, but digestive issues can plague anyone.  It can turn a person off to a buffet considering all these topics.  I hope all will benefit from considering our physiology.

Many love the convenience of a buffet, just walk in, serve up, and enjoy friends without taking the whole afternoon.      Enjoy the experience safely, and with dignity.

I ate a doughnut and it was Fabulous.

Today, we stopped by a small doughnut shop.  What can a person expect when walking into a doughnut shop?  Temptation everywhere, right?!  No temptation, I already decided I would have ONE doughnut.  It was wonderful.

Saving up my sugars, I can have an occasional dessert.  How do I save up my sugars?  I have coffee with half & half, but no sugar.  I do not add sugar to anything and I do not do sugar substitutes.  When I make cookies, I make my own flour mix of unbleached all purpose flour, coconut flour, and barley flour. ( The barley flour I make myself by pouring a box of flour in the blender and pulverizing it until it looks like flour, it takes less than a minute.)  I use only 3/4 of the sugar in the recipe, and I add an extra egg.  This is not a recipe though, it is just how I can eat cookies that taste like cookies.   The substitutes cause me to feel I am doing all in my power to make healthy choices.  This way, when I really want something I can be sensible and enjoy it without guilt.

Let us continue talking about saving up my sugars.  When I make up some oatmeal, I use extra cinnamon straight with no sugar, and walnuts, and butter.  I drink tea without sugar.  The other day, I did have a dr. pepper when I was not feeling good, and it did help me feel better.  Usually, I do not have sugared beverages.  It all can add up to an increased waistline.  Perfection is not my thing, just reasonable in the circumstances I am in at the time.  At a wedding I will have a piece of cake.  One is enough.

Being a diabetic I strive to have good blood sugar levels and thus an A1C reading that reflects my hard work.  Exercise is critical whether it is taking a walk, or doing floor exercises, riding a stationary bike, or just raising the legs up while in a chair.  Safety first when doing exercises, everyone has their own unique situation.  I strive to start some form of exercise soon after having a dessert or higher carb meal.

I have an area set up in my home for exercise, I call it my Diabetic Control Center.  A ballet bar to keep me steady while I do some stretches or legwork my physical therapist instructed me in.  Light weights for my arms and shoulders.  Bands to help with stretching.  And a large mirror, which helps me to monitor correct posture and form.  It is a very cheerful area, there is no intimidation here.

Later, in the afternoon my youngest son, Brent, age 20 came in with a box containing a few doughnuts.  My husband reached in and got a doughnut to enjoy.  I already had my doughnut and therefore, I turned it down.  Being content, I just did not want any.  Was I tempted?  Yes, for a moment, then I remembered, if I eat a doughnut, I will have a doughnut around my middle.  No thank you.

Taking our Medications

Taking our medications, so many of us do not want to take medications.  Those commercials are frightening when you hear all the things that could happen.  And, from personal experience, I know some of those things do happen.

Yet, we do go to the doctor, and we are entrusting them with our care.  In this day and age, most people have some health condition or mental health condition to contend with. Following our doctors orders can improve our situation.  Why else do we take the time to go to the doctor?

I am thinking about physical pain that I have to deal with and the variety of pain I experience daily.  There is no way I can take all these medications for all of these conditions all the time, at the same time, and my doctor understands.  Yet, I am learning all too slowly that when I am feeling a little spicey dicey with my family and friends, it means that I should have taken something a long time ago.

It is sad there are some whom are addicted to pain killers.  It can happen too easily.  It is also sad, if in the determination not to be in that situation, one behaves ugly like a bear because they are striving to ignore the pain.  There has to be a balance.  That is me the bear.  This last week I missed all my meetings, felt sick, joints swollen, fever, and I was unbearable besides exhausted.  Cancelling appointments, avoiding people, and resting is just what I needed.  So, I just stayed in, rested, kept quiet, and did not offend others with my irritability.  For a few days I was with my mother in law and I just took it easy.  I took my medicine and I needed it.  Learning it is good to listen to both our doctors and our bodies.

My wonderful doctor told me that is very important that I not be making any commitments, that will help bring the stress load down.  My blood work showed I was at heart attack, and stroke levels.  Having Lupus, Stress is the worst thing.  I have been following her advise.  When I am around others too much and putting pressure on myself, I notice a flare up of anxiety, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, and physical pain.  It is good to review our life occasionally and see where we can simplify, or lighten a stressed load.

When we do all in our power to care for ourselves healthfully, we will be blessed.  Eating a healthy diet, stretching, isometric exercises, a walk, and doing what our physical therapist teaches us, even after our sessions stop.  We protect our mind and body with healthful habits.  When I cannot go for a small stroll, I do seated exercizes.  Movement is circulation, oxygen for the brain, heart, and blood.

I am sad I could not do a post the last few days.  When you do not feel fab, it is hard to think of fabulous things to post.  Today, I had the best medicine, Dear Friends, a sweet family from Mexico whom have been my dear friends for a few years put me in a very good frame of mind.  My friend Yesinya, and her three children blessed me with their good cheer.  Jennifer whom is 16 made the most fabulous lunch, and Pablo and Ricardo always make me smile.

A friend is taking me on errands tomorrow, and her company is the best medicine.

Medicine is all that a doctor orders, whether it comes from the pharmacy, life style choices, activities, social life, diet, exercise, and ways to minimize stress,  The benefits of  it will replenish the mind and body.  If it is what the doctor ordered, give it the greatest effort to follow thru.

When your fat, your not Just Fat!

It is too easy to be fat. Why, you can be fat without even trying. One day I was too thin an stressing over it, and now I am carrying more pounds than my little bones were meant to carry an I am stressing over it.

Does a person say, “oh, I think I will get fat today”?  If a person is responsible for the lbs that are creeping on, usually they are unaware of the little habits contributing.  Usually it becomes a daily habit of comfort. Stopping for the cappuccino or frappinchino or breakfast on the run at a drive thru.  When I was in my mid thirties I started having one Dr. Pepper each afternoon at work it didn’t take long to notice I was gaining weight. I stopped this an the weight came back off. Little habits can do you in, or they can undo all your hard work.  If I am at a restraunt I really think about the beverage I am ordering. You can have a healthy meal but the beverage can throw your calorie and carbohydrate count off. Refills come too easy. I think I will have water.

So many like myself have gained weight thru the medications they have taken and are taking. We feel powerless. Every time I do a round of antiobotics with steroids I gain 3 – 5 lbs a week. I have to use the medications quite often. This is what I have to contend with. Do I take this laying down?  No!  I try to stretch an exercise each day and eat a healthy diet. I do these things because overall they are in my control. If I didn’t do them I would be much heavier than I actually am. The fabulous thing is we must keep doing what is good for us even if it all seems to go without results, it is good for us. We must continue investing in our better selves. This optimism can help us to combat depression and a state of helplessness. We have to view our situation as temporary.  There has been times I was so sick that I entertained death and I lost the living attitude.  Emotionally it is painful coping with long term illness. It is too easy to give up on ourselves. We can not give up on living, we must just learn to live differently.

My situation is ongoing an I have accepted the fact it is ongoing. Coping with the effects of chronic illness is like learning to parent a very disruptive child. We must exercise love for the child, feed, nourish it and provide security.  It is not stuffing bad child with donuts to shut him up, which in turn will lead to worse behavior. Nor, do we treat ourselves with such unloving ways. Our mind and body needs to feel satisfied, safe an well cared for. That does not mean indulgence.  I like to thank Jehovah an to let him know I feel appreciation for the abundance of food available to nourish my body and that I always need his guidance to make wise choices.

How do I indulge?  I eat two little dark chocolate dove squares after my lunch. I eat them very slowly an I truly savor the flavor.  I am satisfied. Yum.