Taking a Moment to… This is better than a greeting card ..

This is better than a popular brand of greeting cards.  This is not romance, and it is not to be saved for a holiday, it is real life now.

Stop, take a look at your nearest and dearest.  Are you too busy to smile?  Can you look in their eyes and listen while they are expressing themselves to you?  Can you give a hug and hold while expressing words of appreciation?

It might be an elderly person in your life, it could be your mate, or your sibling, or your child.  We have a responsibility to be emotionally affectionate.

More children and adults are made vulnerable just because they do not hear often enough, I love you.  I appreciate all you do.  You look so nice today.  Your so good at that.  I need you in my life.  Thank you.  People in our lives are emotionally starving and it shouldn’t be a card once a year that tells them how important they are to you.

With electronic devices, I see families in restaurants and everyone except one is fooling with their phones.  They look lonely and irritated.  Personally, I would move to another table and I would be less lonely eating alone.

It takes so much to earn a respectable wage and to carry all the responsibilities in our lives.  People are emotionally and physically spent.  Our loved ones can get neglected in the process.  We need not put it off, all need love, affection and approval.

There are some really exceptional people out there that already take the time and do this with their loved ones, and their loved ones feel very loved.

No, this is not a special occasion card.  No one knows how long they will live or how long another will live.  Time and unforeseen occurrence befall all.  Love expressed is a most cherished moment.

Internal Hygiene, how clean can we be?

Internal cleanliness or lack of, can affect how we look, it can affect how we feel, and it affects how we smell.

External hygiene, showers, brushing teeth, flossing, are all important for our overall appearance.  Yet, there is so much more to think about then how we look.

What is Internal hygiene?  Internal hygiene involves the hydration of our bodily systems.   If it is good, our breath is not offensive, our urine runs clear, bowel movements come regular, and our skin is fresh.

Skin eruptions can happen for a variety of reasons, hormones, stress, and other skin conditions.  Yet, if the blood is sluggish and our diet has too much sugar our skin might have breakouts.  Soda or any high sugared drinks is the worst thing for the kidneys, bladder, intestinal tract and skin.  In fact, it is hard on the digestive tract to have the carbonation running thru it.  I drink soda occasionally, rarely, it seems to take a couple days to get the bloating to go away.  It is so uncomfortable.

Bad breath is not always about keeping the teeth clean, it is much deeper than that.  Remember, breath comes from the lungs, down in your chest.  There may be mucous at the back of your throat which can also affect the smell of your breath as you exhale.  By drinking a glass of water on an empty tummy, then a cup of warm tea the mucous can be thinned.  The breath will be more refreshed, and yes, go ahead an brush your teeth.

The intestines may not be moving so freely and we can feel all bound up and uncomfortable.  It can affect our breath if we are constipated.  Have you ever been near someone with bowel breath.  Whoo, I like there to be some personal space.  When we are constipated, then our food is essentially stalled out in our system, so the food we eat can sit in our stomach and esophagus.

A couple years ago, I went to the emergency room because of severe stomach pain.  It shocked me to find out that my intestines were impacted.  Because I have always eaten a fresh diet high in fruit, vegetables, beans, and good quality grains, I never expected to hear that I was constipated.  It turned out that I was in a state of dehydration and without proper hydration you can easily get constipated.

UTI, some people get urinary tract infections often.  The kidneys, and bladder are affected.  It is uncomfortable, you can get a fever, and the urine can smell strong.  A person’s breath can be affected.

Water, and when to drink water has greatly improved my situation.  For a fresher constitution, and internal hygiene, I have found a few things to be beneficial.

1.  Drink water as soon as I get up in the morning.  The best time to refresh and cleanse the body is right after you get up.  I put the water on for a cup of hot tea, while I am consuming a glass or two of water.  The water can get through the digestive system straight to the intestines, kidneys, bladder, and the blood.  My body is refreshed because there is no food, or digestive fluids in the body to interrupt this pure fluid from doing it’s job.  Then I have my cup of hot tea, and all this hydration helps my intestines to release yesterdays consumption, and it refreshes my urinary tract.  Without enough hydration the contents of the bowels cannot move along.  This leads to not just constipation but being compacted.  Our body may release very little compared to what we consume if we are not well hydrated.  Think of a dried up sponge, then compare that to a dampened sponge.  Our intestinal contents absorb the water much like a sponge.

Our blood needs the water to have proper volume and for our organs to function.  Our bodily cells all need water.  Drinking water on an empty stomach can improve the overall health of these bodily systems.

2.  An hour and a half after a meal I like to drink a glass of water or two to keep everything moving.  Yes, dehydration can make you think you are hungry when you are in reality thirsty.  Drinking even twenty minutes before you eat can be beneficial.  Be refreshed.

3.  Cucumbers, apples and celery help my digestive & urinary tracts to stay fresh.

Drinking water as soon as you wake will have you feeling fresh and your internal hygiene will be much improved.

There may be other more serious issues a person is dealing with and seeing a physician may be needed.


It is a hold up! Don’t let it stop you in your tracks.

It is a hold up, anything that interpheres with a well laid out plan.  There are a few kinds of hold ups.  Some we can do something about, and some it seems we cannot do anything about.

Painting behind the dryer and utility sink before we hook the utility sink up has been a hold up.  For whatever reason two years have come and gone and my husband has gone without his sink.  It was suppose to all be done this weekend.  I have not been able to fulfill my goal of doing the work, and am going to try again tomorrow.  Unexpected errands, unexpected visits, and phone calls changed my day completely.

One reason for a hold up is when you have to wait on others to complete some aspect of the work.  Whether it is making the time to complete a task or it is money that is needed, it can seem daunting waiting for the perfect circumstances.  If we are waiting on someone to do the work, it can cause stress in the relationship and affect the respect we feel for the other party.  It can be a power issue within the relationship.  It is destructive at times.  It can be considered nagging to be forced into bringing up the subject.  We see a person going off for a good time or doing this or that, and time runs by, before a person realizes it, it can be months and then years that go by.

Many are stressed by having a shortage of time or energy to do these secondary jobs.  It is good to consider hiring someone, or asking a friend, or trading someone for the work.  It will take the pressure off, and get something done.  No one really wants a splinter in their relationship that causes irritation and pain.  There are times it is a matter of pride, some refuse to hire or delegate to others and keep an unhappy situation going.  That injures the relationship and peace in the house.

Today was a series of hold ups, that interphered with my planned work.  I felt unable to change the situations, and I felt stressed.  There were other things that were unexpected but relaxing and rewarding.  Sometimes, we have to go with the flow and readjust the plan.  It is life, and we cannot control all things.  We must work with it.  Do not give out or give in, try again.

Master Lists are not just for Big Business.

Years ago I purchased a certain planner, a sort of day book for the year, which showed the monthly, weekly, and daily calendars.  I read something the author published regarding success and accomplishment broken down using his planners.  A systematic project planner.

When my children were small, in desperation I took a course in domestic affairs, getting it together was the basic theme and they had a fabulous card system that helped a person to think in a way that they no longer felt overwhelmed. The system helped you to think of tasks by seasons, months, weeks, and days of the weeks.  The sisters helped me so often over the years, even taking my calls a couple times, answering my emails.  Very compassionate and helpful.  They too were once disorganized, and they achieved a system that has helped millions Get it Together.  I would like to thank them.

The two systems one being the creator of this great planner that most businesses have utilized over the years, and the system these great sisters created can help about anyone to improve in their life.

Having the attention deficit, I have never naturally known how to keep the homestead looking presentable.  I was raised in a very clean organized home.  My mother was an excellent homemaker and she was systematic.  It just didn’t rub off on me, I did not naturally get it.  Although, it has always been important to me to have an organized life and home.

Now, this last few years I have really come to value systems.  We have our solar system which is very timely.  It seems that they always know how often a comet comes through, and when an eclipse will occur with the greatest predictability.  I have come to appreciate the beauty of systems.

There was a time I was afraid of a rigid system, and schedules.  I had a crazy notion that it would ruin my impulsive nature and steal my creativity.  Too late, I learned that being totally impulsive without structure and organization robs me of success.  Structure and organization free me up to utilize my impulsiveness and I no longer waste my creativity.  Naturally, organization will always be a challenge.  I just feel so much happier practicing a schedule.

The previous mentioned systems, like having my master list for the month and my master list for the week really help me to accomplish more.  I schedule other things around my domestic routine because if my home is in disarray than my mind is too. A day or two not practicing my routine and it all falls apart like a house of cards.  This causes a person to have low esteem, feeling totally ineffective.  Breaking jobs into steps helps me, my life skills manager for attention deficit has been working with me for years striving to help me to break jobs into doable steps.  I finally have been practicing this for a while.  It is crucial that we feel we achieve something daily, weekly, and yearly.  People make their resolutions or yearly goals at the beginning of the year, as people like to reflect on the past year to consider how they did in achieving those goals.

My master list this week included dejunking the laundry room,  a very packed, depressing room where everything seemed to get put there.  The thought of working in there was overwhelming and I only did laundry in there and left.  This elephant kept growing.  Is there an elephant in the room?, I would have rathered there was, it would have been more pleasant to deal with.

Using the master list system, I broke it down to a series of jobs.  Example, this laundry room is part of a larger room where a piano and a couple chairs are.  The two chairs were filled with an array of things, the piano above and under was packed up, the shelving unit unorganized, and clean laundry above and beneath the shelf where laundry is to be processed and put away.  Besides a utility sink that needs to be hooked up, which cannot be hooked up until we move the dryer and paint behind where the sink and dryer go.  Now you understand why this is so overwhelming?  I have to admit that the piano was a bad deal, I bought a piano, had my men bring it here, only to find out there were serious problems with the piano and it isn’t even worth fixing.  We just need to cut our losses and remove it.  Why were the chairs filled with things, piles, I do not remember doing it, but I obviously put things there temporarily and the stay became extended.  Under the shelf is a basket of socks that need to be matched up and it seemed we must have just kept buying more socks.  Has anyone else ever done such a thing?

Making my master list:  Chair     20 minutes,  chair  20 minutes, under the piano 15 minutes, on the piano top 20 minutes, on the shelf of laundry station   15 minutes,  under the shelf  20 minutes, painting a wall  1 hour,  hooking up a sink  20 minutes.   This week I have just been looking at a job and doing one and marking it off.  After each job is an estimation of how much time I expect it to take.  Being generous in those estimates.  After the job is completed I write how much time it took me. I have seen where I was close on the estimates of a few jobs and way off on others.   I hope to be done tomorrow.  It is amazing seeing an empty chair.

Do it for yourself!  That is advice commonly heard.  But sometimes, I think we are not always enough, and it is good to think of others.  Doing it for myself sadly has not been enough.  My husband has been very patient with me thru all of this, and he has mentioned how he would like his sink hooked up.  I am doing this for him and our whole family.  It will benefit all to have the area pleasant, organized and ready to utilize.  It will make myself happy too, so how isn’t it for myself.  Pleasing my mate is pleasing to me.

Try out a new planner, or create a monthly and weekly planner to accomplish the things in your life that will open the way for greater peace and productivity.  There will no longer be an elephant in the room.