TIME Limits.

Time limits, what does that mean? It means establishing a block of time for a certain activity at an appointed time.  Then fearlessly just do it.  Easy to say.

Think about the one thing you do not like to do.  Something you procrastinate.

A person, I did not expect to see that their car is cluttered with soda bottles, fast food wrappers, and other things scattered about the vehicle.  I asked her, “Why is it so hard for you to clean out your car?”  She said “I live in my car”.  I cannot help but think, then why not keep it nice for yourself.

I suggested to this young person that they make a day once a week before they go to work in the afternoon, to leave about 40 minutes early, get the car washed, go take the trash out and use the vacuum that is free, and then get the car fueled.  Go inside and have a snack before work.  She said she might try it.

Being that I use to have the same problem, and it can still be a problem if I am not careful.  My husband is a great influence because he likes a clean car.  I do too.

A different problem I had was being overly stressed when needing to make phone calls and or handle mail which required an action.  It was detrimental the way I handled it in my thirties.  What was I thinking when I would just shove my unopened mail in a three foot long drawer in the kitchen.  I was in my thirties then with three small sons and a job that required a lot of hours.  With the boys homework and extracurricular activities, and my college homework, and work, life was very overwhelming at times.  When the power went out, I would fish around in this long drawer looking for any mail from the power company.  My ex husband was not paying child support at the time and life was so hard pressed.  I feel great sympathy for single parents with many responsibilities. When family pitch in and help where they can, the mother can have free time to do bills and clean the home.

What has been working for me is I have a personal rule that I make all necessary phone calls before 11 a.m.  I make the phone calls then so it cannot get put off to another day.  If I did it in the afternoon, some companies close at 4 p.m., depending on their time zone it is earlier.  Lunch time calls are not always good because others are taking lunch too and you may not get the party you need.  There are some companies that close on a Friday afternoon.  Calling by 11 a.m. is a rule that prevents me from procrastinating.

Anxiety can cause imagined unlikely troubles, sometimes I still do it.   It is awful anxiety that I feel, and it can be unrealistic to assume that I would be tied up on the phone for a couple hours.  Many feel that way too.  Or concern that I would not be able to answer the questions.

By appointing a time limit to start something, and estimating the time it should take, it is a nice surprise when we get it done faster than assumed.  The reward is that it is done.  I like to write in my calendar what time I called, whom I talked to, how long the call took, and what is the anticipated results.  This helps me so much.

I am striving to figure out my July calendar of domestic events.  I love the zone method a popular domestic authority established.  One week per area of home gets a special deep cleaning all week.  Imagine if a person was done in three days.  It takes a job per day.  I like the program.

Creating my master list to finish some things that have been lagging on.  The nagging of my mind when I see such makes it impossible to feel peace.  Knowing I am getting more done and I am getting acclimated to the routine gives me encouragement to continue on.  They say, practice makes perfect.  I do not want to be perfect, just greatly improved.    My Master List is a form of establishing time limits.  Because with the master list, I know what is my priority.  It feels goo to see how many I can get ticked off early in the week.  I am eager to see the week where I get it all done early, if that happens I can look at my master monthly list and see what I can get done.  When I have to rest extra, this method helps me to keep from getting overwhelmed.  Of course, I am not an expert, my home is still in a state of recovery and remodeling.  It is just getting better.

The weekend, I did not finish anything I strove to work on last week.  It was an unusual weekend, and we were able to enjoy friends, and get some needed rest.  When things seem out of your control, we can just relax, enjoy it, and get back on track on Monday.  Time Limits can help us to accomplish more on our priority list.

Taking a Moment to… This is better than a greeting card ..

This is better than a popular brand of greeting cards.  This is not romance, and it is not to be saved for a holiday, it is real life now.

Stop, take a look at your nearest and dearest.  Are you too busy to smile?  Can you look in their eyes and listen while they are expressing themselves to you?  Can you give a hug and hold while expressing words of appreciation?

It might be an elderly person in your life, it could be your mate, or your sibling, or your child.  We have a responsibility to be emotionally affectionate.

More children and adults are made vulnerable just because they do not hear often enough, I love you.  I appreciate all you do.  You look so nice today.  Your so good at that.  I need you in my life.  Thank you.  People in our lives are emotionally starving and it shouldn’t be a card once a year that tells them how important they are to you.

With electronic devices, I see families in restaurants and everyone except one is fooling with their phones.  They look lonely and irritated.  Personally, I would move to another table and I would be less lonely eating alone.

It takes so much to earn a respectable wage and to carry all the responsibilities in our lives.  People are emotionally and physically spent.  Our loved ones can get neglected in the process.  We need not put it off, all need love, affection and approval.

There are some really exceptional people out there that already take the time and do this with their loved ones, and their loved ones feel very loved.

No, this is not a special occasion card.  No one knows how long they will live or how long another will live.  Time and unforeseen occurrence befall all.  Love expressed is a most cherished moment.

Internal Hygiene, how clean can we be?

Internal cleanliness or lack of, can affect how we look, it can affect how we feel, and it affects how we smell.

External hygiene, showers, brushing teeth, flossing, are all important for our overall appearance.  Yet, there is so much more to think about then how we look.

What is Internal hygiene?  Internal hygiene involves the hydration of our bodily systems.   If it is good, our breath is not offensive, our urine runs clear, bowel movements come regular, and our skin is fresh.

Skin eruptions can happen for a variety of reasons, hormones, stress, and other skin conditions.  Yet, if the blood is sluggish and our diet has too much sugar our skin might have breakouts.  Soda or any high sugared drinks is the worst thing for the kidneys, bladder, intestinal tract and skin.  In fact, it is hard on the digestive tract to have the carbonation running thru it.  I drink soda occasionally, rarely, it seems to take a couple days to get the bloating to go away.  It is so uncomfortable.

Bad breath is not always about keeping the teeth clean, it is much deeper than that.  Remember, breath comes from the lungs, down in your chest.  There may be mucous at the back of your throat which can also affect the smell of your breath as you exhale.  By drinking a glass of water on an empty tummy, then a cup of warm tea the mucous can be thinned.  The breath will be more refreshed, and yes, go ahead an brush your teeth.

The intestines may not be moving so freely and we can feel all bound up and uncomfortable.  It can affect our breath if we are constipated.  Have you ever been near someone with bowel breath.  Whoo, I like there to be some personal space.  When we are constipated, then our food is essentially stalled out in our system, so the food we eat can sit in our stomach and esophagus.

A couple years ago, I went to the emergency room because of severe stomach pain.  It shocked me to find out that my intestines were impacted.  Because I have always eaten a fresh diet high in fruit, vegetables, beans, and good quality grains, I never expected to hear that I was constipated.  It turned out that I was in a state of dehydration and without proper hydration you can easily get constipated.

UTI, some people get urinary tract infections often.  The kidneys, and bladder are affected.  It is uncomfortable, you can get a fever, and the urine can smell strong.  A person’s breath can be affected.

Water, and when to drink water has greatly improved my situation.  For a fresher constitution, and internal hygiene, I have found a few things to be beneficial.

1.  Drink water as soon as I get up in the morning.  The best time to refresh and cleanse the body is right after you get up.  I put the water on for a cup of hot tea, while I am consuming a glass or two of water.  The water can get through the digestive system straight to the intestines, kidneys, bladder, and the blood.  My body is refreshed because there is no food, or digestive fluids in the body to interrupt this pure fluid from doing it’s job.  Then I have my cup of hot tea, and all this hydration helps my intestines to release yesterdays consumption, and it refreshes my urinary tract.  Without enough hydration the contents of the bowels cannot move along.  This leads to not just constipation but being compacted.  Our body may release very little compared to what we consume if we are not well hydrated.  Think of a dried up sponge, then compare that to a dampened sponge.  Our intestinal contents absorb the water much like a sponge.

Our blood needs the water to have proper volume and for our organs to function.  Our bodily cells all need water.  Drinking water on an empty stomach can improve the overall health of these bodily systems.

2.  An hour and a half after a meal I like to drink a glass of water or two to keep everything moving.  Yes, dehydration can make you think you are hungry when you are in reality thirsty.  Drinking even twenty minutes before you eat can be beneficial.  Be refreshed.

3.  Cucumbers, apples and celery help my digestive & urinary tracts to stay fresh.

Drinking water as soon as you wake will have you feeling fresh and your internal hygiene will be much improved.

There may be other more serious issues a person is dealing with and seeing a physician may be needed.


It is a hold up! Don’t let it stop you in your tracks.

It is a hold up, anything that interpheres with a well laid out plan.  There are a few kinds of hold ups.  Some we can do something about, and some it seems we cannot do anything about.

Painting behind the dryer and utility sink before we hook the utility sink up has been a hold up.  For whatever reason two years have come and gone and my husband has gone without his sink.  It was suppose to all be done this weekend.  I have not been able to fulfill my goal of doing the work, and am going to try again tomorrow.  Unexpected errands, unexpected visits, and phone calls changed my day completely.

One reason for a hold up is when you have to wait on others to complete some aspect of the work.  Whether it is making the time to complete a task or it is money that is needed, it can seem daunting waiting for the perfect circumstances.  If we are waiting on someone to do the work, it can cause stress in the relationship and affect the respect we feel for the other party.  It can be a power issue within the relationship.  It is destructive at times.  It can be considered nagging to be forced into bringing up the subject.  We see a person going off for a good time or doing this or that, and time runs by, before a person realizes it, it can be months and then years that go by.

Many are stressed by having a shortage of time or energy to do these secondary jobs.  It is good to consider hiring someone, or asking a friend, or trading someone for the work.  It will take the pressure off, and get something done.  No one really wants a splinter in their relationship that causes irritation and pain.  There are times it is a matter of pride, some refuse to hire or delegate to others and keep an unhappy situation going.  That injures the relationship and peace in the house.

Today was a series of hold ups, that interphered with my planned work.  I felt unable to change the situations, and I felt stressed.  There were other things that were unexpected but relaxing and rewarding.  Sometimes, we have to go with the flow and readjust the plan.  It is life, and we cannot control all things.  We must work with it.  Do not give out or give in, try again.