Tempted but not defeated.

Today, in the Dollar General store I was picking up snacks to put in my young sons snack pack.  He is thin and very active.  Still doing my low carbohydrate diet, I feel pretty good being on it for a few days.  This snack isle made my pupils dilate.  These foods are like a drug. Just the smell was intoxicating.

A couple times I almost bought something delightful, and what stopped me is how wonderful I feel when I see on the urine test strip for ketosis, that I am in a light ketosis.  I just do not want to ruin it with a temptation or impulse.  It is a good feeling when you can stop, arrest the temptation, and go the other direction.

The scale is going down, I look forward to Tuesdays official weigh in, then it will have been seven days.  It is my goal to do 21 days, and possibly six weeks.

I would probably be in an higher degree of fat loss if I did not have the shell with the taco, or the refried beans mixed in with the taco meat.  Home made tacos.  The fiber does a person good though especially when on a high protein diet.  We do eat a lot of vegetables.  The diet is working very well, and although I could lose more, faster, I felt I needed to have my dinner that way.

Determination pays off as we continue to imagine our goal realized.

In summary, do not let a meal, or a momentary temptation ruin all your hard work.  It is like a good marriage, it stays good because we have invested in our love and the relationship.  Temptations are not to be considered.

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