Carbohydrate control, Goals, making them and fulfilling them.

Being on a low carbohydrate diet is just that, it is a low carbohydrate diet.  It is not a no carbohydrate diet.  Each person is so different, some can do well with 15 carbs per meal, and someone else can do 20 carbs, and someone else just 12.

Finding the one that works best is a big part of the success of this diet.  My number seems to be about 15 carbs per meal.  My husband mentioned if I lose too fast I will look like a sharpe’ dog.  Having 75lbs to lose can take a very long time to do it.  I do not feel I have long, and nor do I want to waste another year of my youth this way.  I have 109 days to make a good dent in this, and I want to feel I have accomplished a percentage of this loss by then.  That is approximately 16 weeks.

Dietary goals are important, whether it is to have a low carb meal once a day, or to have a  salad with one meal each day, or to have a 1200 calorie diet a couple days a week.  Dietary goals can improve our situation.

The low carbs help me to fight the crazy cravings I have.  I am doing ok.  Hoping that it is working for you two.  Drink your water, keep your kidneys and bladder clean.  Water is critical for internal health.  Prevents uti infections.

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