Taking our Medications

Taking our medications, so many of us do not want to take medications.  Those commercials are frightening when you hear all the things that could happen.  And, from personal experience, I know some of those things do happen.

Yet, we do go to the doctor, and we are entrusting them with our care.  In this day and age, most people have some health condition or mental health condition to contend with. Following our doctors orders can improve our situation.  Why else do we take the time to go to the doctor?

I am thinking about physical pain that I have to deal with and the variety of pain I experience daily.  There is no way I can take all these medications for all of these conditions all the time, at the same time, and my doctor understands.  Yet, I am learning all too slowly that when I am feeling a little spicey dicey with my family and friends, it means that I should have taken something a long time ago.

It is sad there are some whom are addicted to pain killers.  It can happen too easily.  It is also sad, if in the determination not to be in that situation, one behaves ugly like a bear because they are striving to ignore the pain.  There has to be a balance.  That is me the bear.  This last week I missed all my meetings, felt sick, joints swollen, fever, and I was unbearable besides exhausted.  Cancelling appointments, avoiding people, and resting is just what I needed.  So, I just stayed in, rested, kept quiet, and did not offend others with my irritability.  For a few days I was with my mother in law and I just took it easy.  I took my medicine and I needed it.  Learning it is good to listen to both our doctors and our bodies.

My wonderful doctor told me that is very important that I not be making any commitments, that will help bring the stress load down.  My blood work showed I was at heart attack, and stroke levels.  Having Lupus, Stress is the worst thing.  I have been following her advise.  When I am around others too much and putting pressure on myself, I notice a flare up of anxiety, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, and physical pain.  It is good to review our life occasionally and see where we can simplify, or lighten a stressed load.

When we do all in our power to care for ourselves healthfully, we will be blessed.  Eating a healthy diet, stretching, isometric exercises, a walk, and doing what our physical therapist teaches us, even after our sessions stop.  We protect our mind and body with healthful habits.  When I cannot go for a small stroll, I do seated exercizes.  Movement is circulation, oxygen for the brain, heart, and blood.

I am sad I could not do a post the last few days.  When you do not feel fab, it is hard to think of fabulous things to post.  Today, I had the best medicine, Dear Friends, a sweet family from Mexico whom have been my dear friends for a few years put me in a very good frame of mind.  My friend Yesinya, and her three children blessed me with their good cheer.  Jennifer whom is 16 made the most fabulous lunch, and Pablo and Ricardo always make me smile.

A friend is taking me on errands tomorrow, and her company is the best medicine.

Medicine is all that a doctor orders, whether it comes from the pharmacy, life style choices, activities, social life, diet, exercise, and ways to minimize stress,  The benefits of  it will replenish the mind and body.  If it is what the doctor ordered, give it the greatest effort to follow thru.

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