A New Habit

Habits an routines can change your life.   First it takes doing inventory of our worst habits. If we are habitually late, or we fritter our money away, or watch a lot of television instead of making the time for a walk, or we are night owls an get little sleep, or we isolate ourselves, or we are disorganized. So many “OR” s.   The one I am working on is personal organization. I have experienced the sad results of being a catastrophic mess. Why do I have piles everywhere? Why can’t I find anything? When people come over I feel I am seeing my home for the first time an it is a mess. 

Habits an routines can change your life.  Having admitted my shortcoming I then prayed to Jehovah to help me to be aware of my actions because I never understood where the messes came from.  After this I caught myself dropping my things on the table after moving what was there to the side. No wonder our table is always so piled up.

Now, when I have something in my hand I strive to put it away. It takes less then ten seconds an at most less then a minute to put things away. Although I still have clutter, I am no longer contributing to the mess. Slowly my enviroment is improving. The conclusion I have come to is that the best decor is an organized and clean one.

Fabulous living requires good habits and routines. Let me encourage you to analyze your life an see where you might  make a healthful change to your life.

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