no justification needed, whether to stay the size I am or to choose to lose a few. It is Personal

Worry about weight, some worry all the time, others feel they are doing us a favor to bring it up to us.  Treating us like we are fat, and saying the kinds of things that are said to a fat person by a concerned family member. The intentions may be good, but the intentions fuel the fire of obecity.  Recently instead of just asking me to hand the whoopee pies from the bag in the back of the car to him.  My dear son said “You ate both my whoopee pies didn’t you?”  That made me feel like eating the two whoopee pies.  I kindly handed up his two pies.  Having that assumption fired off at me was painful.  I feel bad for anyone whom friends or family members talk to them in a negative manner.  How we talk to others affects how they feel about themselves.  Those suffering with weight challenges need encouragement.  Showing faith in anyone that is trying to improve their situation is a gift of endorsement.

Justify, why bother.  I choose to lose about ten pounds.  Small goals are doable and lead to the accomplishment of the bigger goals.

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