How can I be Fat an Fabulous?

How can you be fat an fabulous?  Yes, you guessed it. I like oxymorons.   A couple years ago I went without make up a couple years an didn’t comb my hair for days. Ashamed of being overweight, dealing with chronic illness, I felt insignificant,  I felt I had nothing to be proud of. One day I was having lunch with my friend an although we weigh about the same I noticed she really is fabulous. Her hair is always done nice, she dressed lovely an has fantastic posture.  Olivia leads a fabulous life, she is a good friend  to many, she loves clothes, she knits, sews, crochet, gardens an enjoys the ministry. Being fabulous is living fabulous each day. Side note. Olivia has lost some weight an she has been keeping a regular exercise routine for a few months. She is inspiring an she is fabulous.  She no longer qualifies as a fat person.

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