Three ways to improve our life.

1.  Acknowledge we are not in control of people. We are not in control of all situations, there are too many variables.

2. Identify the many areas of our life we are in control of.  We are only in control of our actions.  Being honorable, honest, and obeying the laws bring good results.  These are things we are in control of.

3.  Responsible decisions and behaviors bring fabulous results.

When bad things happen, relationships that reflect unhealthy attitudes, job loss, abuse, it is good to reflect on what is in our control, what we will accept, what can we change, and how we can be honorable in all our actions.  If a good relationship is ruined because of lying or cheating, why would we expect another to put up with that.  We shouldn’t put up with that either.   If we lose a job because we fuss with our cell phones instead of focusing on our productivity, then it is time to learn to leave our cell phones turned off until break time.  Or if we are habitually late we put our employment at risk.  If our mate is jealous, we have to listen to complaints they might have voiced, “your always texting others”,  “when we go out to eat, your always looking at your phone”  This could breed insecurity, and in some situations it is very rude.  We must consider our own attitudes and behaviors.  There is no excuse for abuse, nor do we want to instigate a situation with our own actions.  Many problems in life can be avoided if we exercise manners, consideration, and honesty.

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